Mixergy Interview with ShowClix Co-Founder Lynsie Camuso

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Mixergy, an online resource for young entrepreneurs, recently interviewed ShowClix President and Co-Founder Lynsie Camuso via Skype about the trials of creating and running an innovative event ticketing solution.

A few highlights:

On the differences between ShowClix and Ticketmaster:
“With Ticketmaster, a lot of times there’s a set-up fee and a lot of other fees that are involved with even getting an account set up with them. We have no up-front costs to use the system. We work with you to create the account. If you do reserve seating, we build the venue map for you at no cost. Our graphics department will customize the ticketing page to match the look and feel of your website. We do a lot of work for these people up front at no cost. We always tell them the reason we do this is we’re really looking to build a partnership. We’re looking at this as we’re going to do work for you.”

On the flexibility of the ticketing system:
“Our system is so flexible and so customizable that it works across so many different industries. We work with live music promoters. We do performing arts groups, colleges and universities, festivals. It’s great because when we were first getting started, the system would work for everyone. We didn’t have to turn anyone away.”

On living and working in Pittsburgh:
“I love the city. It’s very easy to network and there are a ton of resources for start-ups. There are a lot of people who are here to help get these small businesses off the ground. Pittsburgh’s amazing because we have a great cultural district. The ballet and opera are amazing. The Carnegie museums are unbelievable. We have the Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh has three rivers, so this time of year, everyone’s boating and kayaking. There’s organizations like Bike Pittsburgh, who are all about creating more bike trails. Even though we’re located in an area that doesn’t necessarily have the best climate year-round, it’s actually a great city to get out there and do a lot of active things. There’s a great live music scene, too.”

On believing in your product:
“The reason I like to sell ShowClix is because I love it. I truly believe in it. I’m passionate about what we’re doing, and I know that our solution will work well for the majority of the people we’re talking to. If it doesn’t, I’m honest with them. Maybe there’s something else that makes more sense for you, but when I’m talking to someone and I can clearly see that we can help them generate more revenue, save them time, make them more productive, it’s easy to sell a product that you’re passionate about.”

You can watch the full video and read the transcript right here. Big thanks to Andrew Warner and Mixergy.