Mobile Ticket Delivery: More Convenient For You and Your Customers

  • By Anthony | Friday, June 27th, 2014

Since we live in an increasingly mobile world, it’s natural to see your event attendees glued to their mobile devices recording videos or tweeting about an event. In fact, we’ve seen about 10% higher traffic from mobile devices on our event pages each year, and we only anticipate that number to keep growing.

That’s why mobile ticket delivery can be the right choice for your event admissions. Your customers can order, purchase and verify tickets all in one convenient place. It helps that our event pages are responsively designed, so they dynamically adapt to allow purchases from any mobile device.

Check out a few more reasons why mobile ticketing can help you at your next event.

Sell and deliver tickets on one device. With mobile-responsive event pages, your customers will be able to purchase tickets on the go (even possibly on the way to your event). Then, when they select mobile ticket delivery, they’ll receive their tickets instantly without needing to scramble to find a printer.

Eliminate fraudulent entry. Paper tickets can more easily be copied or scalped prior to your event. With mobile tickets, you avoid these issues since each ticket features a unique barcode that will only work one time per ticket buyer.

Reduce waste. Eliminate the excess paperwork of long guest lists and printed tickets with a completely paperless delivery method.