Must Have Features at Your Event’s Reopening

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, May 26th, 2021
Features You Need for Your Event Reopening

While the ticketing features you rely on will play a huge role in getting your live events back on track this year, there’s also a ton of onsite and online features you can incorporate into event day to really wow your attendees. From creating immersive on-site experiences, to simplifying the purchase process, Patron Technology’s family of products provides all the tools you need to take your event reopening strategy to a whole new level!

Streamline On-Site Purchases

Mobile Ordering

Empower your attendees to skip the lines entirely by including a mobile ordering option within your event app. After placing an order, customers can pick up their concessions or merch directly from the vendor when it’s ready, for a more convenient experience for all!

Add Engaging Experiences

Self-Serve Media Activations

In between your scheduled event content, what’s more fun for attendees than an interactive photo booth, scan-to-win games  or another engaging experience to occupy their time? Create gamified experiences throughout your event venue that give your attendees an unforgettable event experience even without staff assistance. For example: use your event’s dedicated mobile app to host a digital scavenger hunt where attendees can earn points and win prizes by visiting certain locations across your venue or completing specific activities during your event!

Vendor Lead Capture

With RFID lead capture, attendees can leave a “digital business card” with the vendors and exhibitors they’re most excited to learn more about with just a swipe of their badge or wristband. There’s no easier way for fans and vendors to build valuable connections while maintaining safety and distance!

Connect Beyond In-Person

Live Streaming

Open up your in-person experience to an even wider audience by incorporating live streaming! Sell tickets for gated, ticket-buyer-only access to streams of your main stage performances or highly-anticipated speaker sessions so audiences from around the world can join in the fun alongside your in-person attendees, expanding your reach and increasing overall revenue!

Video On Demand

Streaming options aren’t just great for viewers joining from home. Storing live sessions as on demand content enables even your in-person attendees to never miss a second of the action if multiple performances or sessions overlap. Let registered attendees access recorded content for a set amount of time to get the most out of your event experience!

Virtual Meet & Greets

For events like conventions, festivals, and expos, a fan-favorite component is always the ability to meet some of their favorite performers and celebrities up close. Luckily, these experiences can be just as engaging digitally! Use virtual meet & greets and one-on-one chats to build excitement leading up to your in-person reopening, or even as an additional engagement option for at-home attendees.

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