Must Haves in Your Event Marketing Emails

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Must Haves in Your Event Marketing Emails

Your email list subscribers and customers get tons of emails daily. How can you get your event emails to stand out in their cluttered inboxes? Our event marketing experts put together a list of items you need to include in all your emails to help you increase open rates, drive traffic to your site, and sell more tickets. Check it out!

Enticing Subject Lines

Increase your email open rates by creating subject lines that capitalize on the fear of missing out. Let your fans know that your flash sale is here with a subject line like “4 Hour Prima Con Flash Sale Starts Now!”, tickets are almost gone with “Last Call for Tickets!”, and information you want them to read with “Exclusive Prima Con Info!”.

Noticeable CTA Buttons

Make your call-to-action (CTA) stand out in each email by including a clear and visually appealing button that is easily distinguishable from the rest of your design. Tell your audience what you want them to do by including actionable wording like “Buy Now” or “Learn More” right on the button.

Branded Imagery

Use your event’s logo throughout the email along with the styling and branding that matches your online and offline assets. Design relevant branded emails that showcase photos of attendees having a blast at your event.

Compelling Copy

Content that is between 50 and 125 words tends to receive the highest response rates. Keep your content short and sweet and include specific contests details, info on how to buy tickets, exclusive guest announcements, and participating vendors.

Personalized Messages

Tailor each email to the receiver by using their name at the start of the email. Quick HTML coding or advanced setting options in your email platform can populate each name automatically upon sending. Also, be sure to include words like “you” and “your” throughout the copy.

Social Media Presence

Boost your social media following and drive traffic to your site by adding social icons into your email signature. Be sure to only link off to 3-4 social accounts to prevent overwhelming your audience or diverting attention from your primary CTA.

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