MySpace: A New Social Media and Entertainment Destination

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

A long, long time ago, in an information superhighway far, far away, social networking was MySpace (and basically only MySpace). A place where music, photos, interests and top 8 friends all came together in one space online to give individuals around the world an easy way to express themselves. Prior to the social media giant Facebook, it was all about your MySpace page.

Since its heyday, MySpace has been silently rejuvenating itself to a “leading social entertainment destination powered by the passions of fans,” according to its website.  Built with events, artists, and new technology in mind – we have to ask, will you give the new MySpace a try? 

It is being said that the new MySpace will not just allow a person to add contacts and friends, but make connections and be a part of a new community. The Orange County Registrar stated that the new MySpace “is presented on a page that invites musicians, photographers, filmmakers, designers and fans to join the community. If it can lure artists back – and the fans follow – then Myspace has a chance at recapturing some of the audience that it lost years ago.”


From an events standpoint, this could change how people hear about and attend concerts, panel discussions, press releases, beer tastings, protests… People will discover new artists, new concepts, and new opportunities through this easy to use, easy on the eyes interface. All of the new features are still in the works and the new MySpace hasn’t officially been released, but from the looks of things (shown in the video above) it has the potential to take events to a whole new level. Musicians posting about their upcoming shows, playlists, photos, who’s attending, and unique integration could make promotion for events easier, sleeker, and perhaps even faster.

What do you think about the new MySpace? We encourage any thoughts or discussion, as well as thoughts on what the new MySpace will do for events of all shapes and sizes. But please, don’t bring back the MySpace-bathroom-mirror photo, we’re still trying to forget our own…