Our Creative Department Designed New Default Event Page Templates

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Want to add a stylish template to your latest event page? Are you running out of time and need to put tickets on sale as soon as possible?

No problem, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve generated a plethora of sensational templates designed by our professional Creative Department, ranging from retro to professional to nightlife and everything in between. Better still, you can always add header images and other customizations to match your brand. Keep reading for a sneak peek at some of the exciting templates that you can use for next event!

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, all of these templates can leave a good first impression for your event.

Once you log in to your Admin account on ShowClix…

  • Click the Customize tab to the left in the Admin.
  • Then ‘Add a New Template’ or ‘Create Templates’ from the navigation bar.
  • This will launch you into the ‘Create a Template’ section.
  • Since you want to use our new pre-made templates, click “Launch Scheme Picker.”
  • Choose from a variety of schemes, and decide which one works best for your event. 

Then you have your regular customizable event page options. You can add a header image with your logo or event (we recommend anything that has a 850 width with 350-450 height), select your social networking options for easy promotion, chose to show a map to directions to your event, or enable reCAPTCHA verification to prevent fraud and automated ticket scalping.

Once you save your new template, you are redirected to the ‘Templates’ page. Select the template you just created, then click ‘Assign Scheme’ from the navigation bar. A pop-up will appear with your listed events. Choose the event you’d like to use your new scheme for and click the ‘Make a Selection’ button.

Click the Events tab, and then click the title of the event you chose. Click ‘View Listing’ to see your new scheme in action! Make any changes necessary back in the Customize tab.

Check out some of our example events using some of the new templates:

The Rustic template is perfect for outdoor, craft or shabby chic farm-to-table events.

This Nightlife template will get the party started right before your customers buy their ticket!

The Velvet template is perfectly suited for fancy, high-end events, or even casual live music nights at your cafe!

Hosting a seasonal event? We have Halloween, Holiday, and even more templates ready to rise to the festive occasion! 

These new premade schemes will help you create your event page more quickly and add a unique touch. They can be specific to your industry or the occasion of the event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us over the phone and we’d be happy to help you throughout this process.