New Twitter Profile Pages: More Social Media Promotion

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The social media world is buzzing with Twitter’s newest updates to profile pages: now you can add a unique header “to express yourself instantly, anywhere” that will appear above tweets on the social network’s official website, as well as the mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Now it’s easier to promote your business by taking advantage of both a branded background image and a more targeted headline image.

Twitter’s Advertising Blog noted, “The new design gives marketers the flexibility to align the image and, therefore, use both left and right side of the background image to display rich, engaging content.” If you want to showcase an upcoming event, the background is the perfect place to do so while people are viewing your Twitter profile!

We’re always excited for new social media bells and whistles (like our new event pages as Twitter cards)—in fact, we’re updating our new Twitter header as I write this!

What do you think about Twitter’s newest updates?