Optimize Your Event Listing URLs With This Small Change

  • By Anthony | Thursday, May 7th, 2015
Event URL Best Practices

As we’ve extensively covered here on the blog, search is crucial to any event organizer’s digital marketing strategy.

At ShowClix, we build our event listings with up-to-date schema.org markup and sensible architecture to help your event listings rise to the top when someone searches for you. There’s one more piece to the puzzle when it comes to optimizing your search placement, however, and it’s a significant one: your URL.

URLs — along with h1 and title tags — strongly affect search ranking, because they are the first pieces of a page’s code that a crawler examines to learn what a page is about.

That’s one of the reasons why we made it possible in the ShowClix Admin to include a customized URL for any of your event listings instead of a nondescript Event ID. Changing your event listing’s URL to something like http://www.showclix.com/event/myfrostybeerfestival2015 isn’t enough, though.

In this example, because of the way crawlers interpret URLs, it would be less likely to read your page as relevant to “My Frosty Beer Festival 2015” and more likely to read it as “myfrostybeerfestival2015.” See the difference?

As you know, you never want to use blank spaces in URLs, so just use hyphens instead, e.g., http://www.showclix.com/event/my-frosty-beer-festival-2015 . This simple change conforms to best practices for search engine optimization and can give your event listing another small boost.

(Please remember! Do not retroactively change old URLs to adapt to this new standard. The old URLs will not redirect to the new ones. Just adopt this every time you create a new event, and you’ll be happier with your event listing’s search ranking.)