Our Employee Celebration Surprise

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, May 11th, 2017
Our Employee Celebration Ceremony Surprise

Our company has grown quite a bit since its early days, and we’re lucky that several of our current employees have grown with it. Because of their dedication, we wanted to create a unique way to acknowledge some of our longest tenured employees.

This week, we honored those team members with five or more years of service with a celebration ceremony. We enjoyed breakfast while reminiscing about the early days before the grand unveiling of our honorees’ gifts: personalized bobbleheads! What better way to honor this incredible group than by immortalizing them in bobble-headed form!

The bobbleheads were individualized down to the most minute detail making the results pretty incredible! We sent multiple photos of each team member to a talented partner to create the surprise. Each bobblehead perfectly captures the honoree’s personality and likeness. As we continue to grow and thrive, we look forward to this bobblehead ceremony being a time-honored tradition for years to come!

Check out some of our ceremony photos below!

Erin Powers BobbleheadMatt Donnelly BobbleheadNate Good BobbleheadNathaniel Minto BobbleheadBobblehead GroupBobbleheads