Planning for Success: How to Outline Your Event Promotions

  • By ShowClix Team | Thursday, January 17th, 2013

When organizing your event—no matter if you’re putting together a fundraising event, a conference, a concert, or any type of event— there are four important basic questions you should ask yourself: Who, What, Where, and When.

These questions may seem obvious, but having a basic outline in mind can help you promote a successful event. Read on and use the following tips for your next upcoming event!

Who: Identify who will be attending your event. Are they country music fans, or potential constituents? College students? Your community? Your event’s expected audience should influence how you organize the event. Their personas and interest should be taken into consideration if you want to sell the most tickets possible. Cater your messaging toward them.

What: This is the easiest question to answer… What is the purpose of your event? Try and sum it up in one sentence. For example, “This event is to promote our new menu” or “The purpose of having this concert is to give EDM lovers a place to spend their Friday night.” Think of it as the mission statement for your event, and try to reinforce it in your marketing and advertising efforts. Don’t be afraid to make your public version a little catchier, though!

Where: Deciding on what venue to host your event is critical, but keep in mind your target areas for promotion. For live music and nightlife, think record stores, radio stations and cafés—with permission of course!—while a nonprofit fundraiser for charity may have a much broader audience.

When: Of course, deciding on a specific date is very important and will possibly affect how you market your event. Planning vendors, entertainment, and the optimal audience amount should all be factors you consider when deciding on a date. We also typically recommend you that you put your tickets on sale at least two months in advance of the decided date.

Now that you’ve sorted out those questions, how will you market your event? Social media is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to promote your event. Since the amount of Internet users is so large, using social media is one of the fastest ways to market your event to a mass audience.

Now that you’ve planned such an successful event, its time to start selling tickets to your event online! ShowClix offers fully customized event pages and the set up is easy. Begin the process here, and as always, we’re always here to help you sell more tickets, contact us today!