Postponed Due to Weather: Useful Tips for Urgent Event Communication

  • By Sarah O'Rourke | Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

With the record-setting wintry weather this season, it’s important to be prepared for unexpected issues at your event.

When you have to make the tough call to change or cancel, you want to make sure your customers understand the situation. That’s why we built our Email Outbox feature, which easily and quickly connects you with your customers. You can create, draft and send urgent emails to your attendees in minutes.

In a pinch, the email outbox can be the best way to immediately alert your guests about changes to your event. Use these guidelines to compose the best message to help your customers.

Personalize your message. Every time a customer purchases a ticket to your event, the system stores that customer’s relevant data. This allows you to easily personalize emails based on the recipients’ information that automatically completes fields such as the customer’s name and essential event info.

Email Outbox
Write a strong, clear subject line. The email subject is always the first thing your ticket buyers read, so it’s necessary to make your subject sound as urgent as possible. Be sure to mark your email as Critical in the options, in order to make sure you can reach customers who have opted out of your promotional messaging.

Explain the situation. Whether it’s a cancellation, a venue change or a postponement, be specific. If you’re postponing for the safety of your customers or your staff, explain why — your customers will appreciate the honesty.

Answer questions proactively. When you make changes to your customers’ plans, they are going to have questions. Why was it postponed? Will the event still happen? What do I do with my tickets now? The more information you share, the better you’ll be able to answer customers’ questions before they call you.

Give your customers reliable ways to reach you. While you can mitigate some of the response with a clear message, make sure you provide a convenient way for them to reach out to you. If you have a dedicated support line or email address, include it in the message, along with any pertinent service hours.

Seek advice from your Account Manager. Whatever changes your event needs to accommodate, our Account Managers are there to offer their full support and advise you on the best practices for your event operations.

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