Put Fans First With Presale Coupons

  • By ShowClix Team | Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Presale codes are a way to let subscribers, special guests, staff, fan clubs, and other groups gain access to tickets sales before they are available to the general public. When selling tickets to events with ShowClix, it’s easy to create presale coupons for a limited audience.

We’ve seen festivals, performing arts, and events of all kinds use presale coupons for their events. Check out some of the benefits to using a presale coupon and why you should be using them for your next event… 

Maintain Loyal Guests: Presale coupons are great for fan clubs or email subscribers. Provide a presale coupon before tickets go on sale to the general masses, and reward your customers for loyal patronage. That could translate to steady ticket sales for upcoming events.

Guarantee Hassle-free Tickets: Instead of standing by for the on sale time, customers who receive a presale coupon can purchase their tickets and have peace of mind. This is perfect for families or staff of performing arts events, since they are likely to attend the event to support the show regardless.

Increase Engagement: If you decide to let your Facebook fans have access to the presale code, set up a reward that requires them to click Like on a designated post in order to gain access to the code. We recommend making an announcement several days before you reveal the code, and this can potentially drive more fans. The same goes for your Twitter followers!

Create Unique, Individual Coupons: At ShowClix, we have the ability to make unique presale coupons for your event. For example, you can give each individual his or her own presale code. If you are interested, contact your Account Manager for more details.

Advertise your presale code in an email blast, your social media platforms, radio contests, or your monthly newsletter. If you have any questions or need some recommendations specific to your event, contact us today!