Release the Firkins – Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

  • By ShowClix Team | Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is wrapping up this weekend. Events took place in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas at local breweries, bars and restaurants, even soccer stadiums, celebrating the craft and art of a perfect pint!

With so many craft breweries in the Pittsburgh area and throughout America, there is always something new to try. One event in particular, Release the Firkins, was certainly a unique kick-off to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

This sold out event took place at the new Highmark Stadium located near Station Square, where over 600 people were in attendance to enjoy cask-conditioned beers. We spoke with Account Manager Jeff Morgan, who also helped with admissions for the event, and got a run down of how Release the Firkins took place:

What was the atmosphere at the event? 

Upon entering Release the Firkins, it was immediately clear that the festival’s organizers knew how to put on a great event. The layout of the tasting booths and food tables ensured that there was little to no wait to try anything available, even though it was packed. If you needed a breath of fresh air, you were only a few feet from one of the best views of Downtown Pittsburgh by stepping on to Highmark Stadium’s Club Level Deck, which looks even better after a couple drink samples! Nearly all ticket holders stayed for the majority of the 4 hour event, which can only mean that everyone had a fantastic time.


How were people admitted into the event? 

Four members of the ShowClix team were prepared to scan tickets at the festival. Approximately 15 minutes before doors opened, there was already a long line of ticket holders that stretched around the building!  As soon as we were given the signal, the line was cleared in a matter of minutes.  Festival-goers definitely appreciated how quickly they were admitted to the event between it being an unusually cold day and the delicious craft beers ahead of them!

Tell us about cask-condition beer.

I attended the event with an average amount of knowledge of firkins and cask beer.  Several of the bars and restaurants that I frequent usually have at least one cask beer option, but I usually stick with a draught beer that I’m familiar with.  After attending Release the Firkins, I now realize that even great common craft beers, such as Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, can take a new life by being served from the cask. Moving forward, I’ll be much more likely to try this serving style by attending this event.

Why are so many people from Pittsburgh interested in beer festivals and trying new brews?

Pittsburgh is an ideal city for a real ale festival like Release the Firkins. We’re lucky to have fantastic breweries like East End, Troeg’s, Helltown, Full Pint, Church Brew Works, Arsenal Cider, and many more all within our reach. ShowClix works with beer festivals all over the country that are extremely popular, and the people of Pittsburgh have truly embraced craft beer and the amazing events that are centered around it.

Are you a beer festival looking for a ticket solution? We’d love to chat with you, contact us today. Cheers!