RFID Technology is Perfect for Pop Culture Conventions

  • By Ashley Ranich | Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
RFID Technology For Pop Culture Conventions

“What we did as a collective team was mind blowing.” ReedPOP Global V.P. Lance Fensterman said about our RFID technology. “It was the most successful entry experience in the history of New York Comic Con.”

Each year, more than 150,000 comic book, TV, video game, and cosplay fans descend on the Javits Center in NYC for one of the world’s largest pop culture conventions. New York Comic Con (NYCC) may be “wonderful pandemonium” if you ask the people from ReedPOP, who oversee the convention, but how did the event organizer manage the gates while keeping fans safe, happy, and excited to come back? It’s simple, RFID technology.

RFID systems are a total gamechanger for large-scale events. The capabilities far exceed traditional ticketing and its ease and practicality of use allows event organizers to ensure that their attendees are equally as safe as they are wonderstruck during the event.

RFID technology enables event organizers to have better control over a few key aspects of events:

Access Control: Monitor attendance, prevent fraudulent tickets, and keep the lines moving quickly. RFID eases the complex scanning process and makes the early phase of your event a pleasant experience for both the organizer and the attendee.

Deeper Engagement: RFID creates interactive experiences between attendees, organizers, exhibitors and sponsors. For example, at NYCC, attendees could choose to instantly post a photo or GIF to social media simply by tapping their badges.

Additional Revenue: Event organizers can offer the RFID technology to exhibitors for use at their booths. Exhibitors can incentivize visitors to “check-in” at their tables, then collect information for use in the future.