Road Journal: Anime Expo 2019 and Halo: Outpost Discovery Orlando

  • By Erin Fulton | Thursday, July 11th, 2019
Road Journal: Anime Expo 2019 and Halo: Outpost Discovery Orlando

This past weekend was busy with some exciting fandom events on both the East and West coasts. Halo: Outpost Discovery Orlando and Anime Expo 2019 were in full swing, and our Event Operations experts were there every step of the way! Continue reading to learn about some of our favorite memories and noteworthy highlights from these events.

Anime Expo 2019 – Amy Polacsek, Client Success Manager

I had a great time at the Los Angeles Convention Center as we collaborated with our partners at Anime Expo 2019! The days were busy while we set up and broke down the box office, provided scanners and scanning assistance at various event rooms, and facilitated box office training and troubleshooting. We brought along a bunch of new printers for this event to ensure the box office ran super smoothly. Our Anime Expo partners were thrilled we put so much attention to the hardware needed, and were grateful they did not need to focus extra time from their busy show-day schedules on the box office, which was a huge relief for them!

I loved watching the cosplayers interact together at the convention as they complimented each other, asked questions, and helped each other with cosplay fixes. All of the cosplays were super impressive and had great attention to detail. My favorite cosplayers were the little kids who were too cute for words! There were also two people dressed as Pikachu and they pretended to wrestle in the lobby, which was a hilarious sight. Overall, it was a great energy to interact with!

During last year’s event, temperatures soared over 100 degrees, but thankfully this year the weather was a bit more manageable. That being said, we experienced two earthquakes while on-site, and most of our team originates from the east coast, so it was a bit scary for us. Our partners at Anime Expo called us immediately to make sure we were OK – it was a top priority for them, knowing most of us hadn’t felt an earthquake before!

It was great working with such a joyous and truly excited team. They keep the air light, even when things are busy and we have a lot going on, and they’re genuinely sweet people. I look forward to Anime Expo 2020!

Halo: Outpost Discovery Orlando – Sam Smith, Event Operations Specialist

Halo: Outpost Discovery made its first stop in sunny Orlando this past weekend, and I was on-site to help ensure an amazing event! Our duties included on-site registration, box office sales, and will call. This setup allowed us to work smoothly and ensured all of the Halo fans were welcomed quickly and efficiently to the Halo: Outpost Discovery event floor.

Every corner of the Orange County Convention Center provided entertainment and really brought the Halo Universe to life. My favorite was the laser tag Combat Deck. This simulated what it is really like to be within the Halo games, and brought out some friendly competition between the participants!

Attendees also really enjoyed seeing the game’s voice actors up close and personal. They were able to chat with the personalities and even get autographs. It was delightful to watch the loyal Halo fans’ faces light up when they got a chance to interact with the people who help bring some of their favorite games to life. You could tell the fans were enjoying every bit of it!

Our partners were great to work with on-site, and it was a successful event for the first stop of the Halo: Outpost Discovery tour. I am looking forward to Philadelphia’s Halo: Outpost Discovery!