Road Journal: Los Angeles Comic Con and Alamo City Comic Con

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, October 30th, 2018
Road Journal: Los Angeles Comic Con and Alamo City Comic Con

Last weekend was a big one for comic and entertainment fans in Los Angeles and San Antonio, and our Event Operations experts were right there with them! Read on for our favorite memories from this year’s Alamo City Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con!

Los Angeles Comic Con – Amy Polacsek, Client Success Manager

LACC 2018Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being part of the Event Operations team working at Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC)! Our team was on-site to help manage and support admissions and registration throughout the event. We set up the scanners at the entrance for attendee registration, the computers for industry pro and exhibitor registration, the computers at VIP check-in and the ticket help desk, and the computers at the box office for on-site sales. We did rounds to ensure everything was working properly, and helped the staff and fans with questions as they came up.

The cosplay game was strong at this year’s event, but my favorite was definitely the LEGO Batman! He walked in and everyone stopped to look. I also saw quite a few folks dressed as Michael Myers, and my favorite horror movie is Halloween, so I really enjoyed those as well. We managed to get on the show floor for a bit and had the chance to chat with some folks. The exhibitors at the booths were all so friendly! The floor was filled with fans having a great time, taking photos, and just hanging out. It was a very happy place, and I thought the overwhelmingly positive environment was super cool!

The LACC staff was super fun and great to work with. We had some early morning call times, and one of the staff members (shoutout to John) shared some eye masks with us so we could continue to look our best, bright and early at 6:00AM! At one point, the guests were playing music in the lobby and had a fun dance party. There were dance circles. There were people doing flips in their cosplay. Everyone was truly having a blast and it made the early call times worth it! I can’t say enough about how much fun both the staff and attendees had throughout this year’s LACC. It was so genuine and contagious; I can’t wait to come back next time!

Alamo City Comic Con – Adry Cantu, Client Success Manager

ACCC 2018I was so excited to work on-site with our partners at this year’s Alamo City Comic Con! Most of my event day duties consisted of supervising our access control procedures, including scanning operations and general admissions support. Our partners at the event were super happy with our level of preparedness. In anticipation of larger crowds at peak times, we doubled the quantity of scanners we brought to the show site. When the admissions operation needed to grow from one entrance to four, we were easily able to deploy them all and keep the flow of attendees moving into the event!

This year’s Alamo City Comic Con was really one for the books! One of my favorite memories is getting to meet Oscar from The Office! We talked about Cuban dishes, and he told me to try his favorite, Ropa Vieja, which is shredded pork in spicy tomato sauce.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Alamodome’s box office managers and John with Alamo City Comic Con’s operations team for helping make everything run as smoothly as possible. I had a great time working on-site at this year’s event, and I can’t wait to return!