Road Journal: PAX South 2018

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, January 18th, 2018
Road Journal: PAX South 2018

One of the best things about our role as event technology partner is the opportunity to experience some absolutely amazing events by working on-site! Last weekend, our Event Ops team worked alongside our partners at San Antonio’s PAX South. Read on for some of our favorite memories from this multi-day celebration of all things gaming!

Road Journal: PAX South 2018Kyle Wetherald – Software Engineer

Last week I had the pleasure of working registration at PAX South in San Antonio, TX. There are two things that I really love about working on-site at this event. First, PAX (short for Penny Arcade Expo) is a convention by and for gamers, and is full of passionate people doing what they’re passionate about together. It’s always a joy to have a small part in making that happen for fans. Second, event operations is one of the ways we can show off how well our system can work. At PAX South we handled will call pick-up, on-site sales, and our photostation. The fan’s experience at registration can set the tone for the rest of the show, so it is important to make sure we work efficiently so that we don’t keep people waiting in long lines. As a result of our setting up and maintaining a fast on-site network, thoroughly training staff, and quickly stepping in to guide people through the lines, we were able to fulfill thousands of orders in each of our busiest hours at registration. Being able to flex our muscles like that results in happy guests and a happy partner. What more could we ask for?

Road Journal: PAX South 2018Allison Taylor – Client Success Manager

ShowClix was lucky to once again handle the ticketing for PAX South in San Antonio, TX. Besides the exhibit hall floor, the event also features panels, performances, tournaments, and more. This year, we had the opportunity to work with and integrate with Thuzi, “a leader in experiential marketing technology.” Thuzi managed a scavenger hunt throughout the show floor where fans would tap their RFID badges to earn “trophies” and ultimately win a prize if the hunt was completed. Our photostations were one of the spots that fans had to hit. When a fan took a photo, we sent it over to Thuzi to include on the fan’s “show dashboard”. The crowd at PAX is filled with game enthusiasts, so the scavenger hunt was very successful!

The show floor was packed with tons of different gaming organizations. I realized that, even if you aren’t a hard core gamer, you can still find things at PAX South to entertain you.

I also must point out that San Antonio is a great location to host an event. We had the opportunity to do some exploring in our down time. From the restaurants of the River Walk, The Alamo, and even a trip to the natural caverns with our PAX partners, not to mention all the fun we had at the event itself, this trip was just as much pleasure as it was business!