Road Journal: PAX West, PAX Dev, and Crunchyroll Expo

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, September 5th, 2018
Road Journal: PAX West, PAX Dev, and Crunchyroll Expo

Our Event Operations team is just returning from a weekend filled with fandom fun! Check out their on-site experiences at this year’s PAX West, PAX Dev, and Crunchyroll Expo as they relive some of their favorite moments from these incredible events!

PAX West and PAX Dev – Kyle Wetherald, Software Engineer

Last week, I was once again presented the opportunity to work on-site with our partners at PAX West and PAX Dev! While there, I was working to help facilitate on-site fulfillment and box office operations, as well as access control for PAX Dev panels. The registration process for PAX events always goes off without a hitch, because the “Enforcers” (temporary staff brought on to work at the event) are all very knowledgeable about the event, easily pick up on the ticket fulfillment and sales processes, and are excited to be there. One of my favorite aspects of this year’s event was the vintage gaming area; they had a few arcade games on free-play mode and a room full of consoles! Seattle is also a really cool city, and everyone there really embraces the PAX crowd and culture. It’s clear that the PAX experience goes beyond the Washington State Convention Center!

Crunchyroll Expo – Katie Smith, Event Operations Manager

Crunchyroll’s first Expo last year was an amazing celebration of anime, manga, and Japanese popular culture, and this year absolutely followed suit! ShowClix handled online and on-site ticket sales for the event, and we joined our partners on-site to help with staff training and troubleshooting for box office operations and registration, which all ran very smoothly. While working at the Expo, I witnessed everything you might expect of such a highly anticipated event, and then some. Some of my personal highlights were the incredible cosplay, a gigantic Pikachu, and the impressively large artist alley area. This year’s Crunchyroll Expo attracted a very diverse age range of attendees; I saw everyone from families with young children to senior citizens, all having a great time.