Road Journal: Replay FX 2019

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, August 8th, 2019
Road Journal: Replay FX 2019

This past Thursday through Sunday, the annual Replay Foundation Expo (Replay FX) made Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention center its home, bringing gaming fanatics and pinball wizards from all over together for a weekend packed full of competition, entertainment, nostalgia, and an all-around great time! Read on for some of our team members’ favorite moments from this truly unique gaming wonderland.

David Kennedy, Senior Marketing Specialist

Last week, I was excited to have the chance to help support our Event Operations team on-site at Replay FX. Being that the event is held just a short walk from the ShowClix HQ office, I’ve had the chance to see this amazing celebration of gaming in action before, and the sheer scope of this year’s event more than lived up to my expectations! The expo attracted gaming fans of all types from near and far, featuring everything from hundreds of free-play classic arcade games to retro and modern PC and console games. One of the biggest draws of this beloved expo is the annual Pinburgh pinball tournament, held over several days and attracting some of the country’s top pinball talent to compete. A big part of our on-site team’s presence was dedicated to getting the Pinburgh contestants checked in and ready to compete on the first day of the expo. We arrived early in the morning last Thursday to operate the walk up box office and fulfill pre-purchased admission and Pinburgh credential reservations. All in all, things went extremely smoothly, and I was happy to have contributed to yet another successful year of Replay FX!

Jordan Durham, Design Intern

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to explore the annual Replay FX event in Pittsburgh, and it was more amazing than I could have expected! A brilliant show of colors and flashing lights illuminated the hall as I approached a sea of games of all shapes and sizes. From your modest console games to flashy pinball machines, it was clear there was a game for just about anyone. As my first live ShowClix event, I wanted to take this time to see first-hand how guests would react. Overall, I saw pure joy as gamers found nostalgia in some of their favorite childhood games. Replay FX is a guaranteed good time; what makes the event so special is maybe not the nostalgia or flashy games, but the idea for one weekend strangers from around the world can come together under one mission: Just have fun.

Grace Offerdahl, Marketing Services Intern

Replay FX opened its doors this past weekend to Pittsburgh, and I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees! After being hit with beaming lights and loud sounds, you’re able to take in the scenery: hundreds of arcade games, pinball machines, PCs, and gaming consoles (all set to free-play)! It was amazing – I have never seen so many games in one place! Even more amazing was the fact that so many people got the chance to come together, express their passions, and have a fun-filled weekend. I loved being able to walk through the crowds of people to see games I used to play when I was little, like Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. The mix of old and new opened up the event to those of all ages, as I saw parents with their young children, teenagers with their friends, and groups of adults, all with huge smiles on their faces. I can’t wait to hear what next year’s Replay FX will bring!

Erin Fulton, Marketing Intern

The buzz for Replay FX has been filling the Pittsburgh area (and beyond) for weeks. I have always been a gaming fan, so I was beaming with excitement as the ShowClix team headed over to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. As we ascended upon the venue, the crowds of gaming enthusiasts sweeped in quickly with swift on-site ticket sales that promptly lead the attendees into the vast gaming hall. This gaming hall was not your average arcade; thousands of new and vintage games spanned across the entire venue, so there truly was something for everyone at Replay FX. Some of my favorite games included Dance Dance Revolution and the retro-style Skee Ball machine. I loved battling with the ShowClix team with some friendly competition. Replay FX is the perfect place for the ultimate weekend family outing, date night, or just a laid back afternoon excursion with your friends and colleagues. There is no better way to escape the summer heat and have the time of your life than at Replay FX!