Road Journal: Walker Stalker Atlanta and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
Road Journal: Walker Stalker Atlanta and Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con

Last weekend, our team met legendary heroes and joined the horde during our action-packed con filled weekend! Just in time to follow up on the new season of The Walking Dead, we headed to Atlanta for the largest Walker Stalker Con of the year. We also had the chance to meet the godfather of comics himself, Stan Lee (and other celebs), at his Los Angeles Comic Con.

But that’s enough spoilers for now, check out our recaps below for even more event day fun:

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta – Brian Arnone

I arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta on Thursday, October 27th and immediately felt the anticipation and excitement for what was only one day away from the beginning of Walker Stalker Con. Walker Stalker Con

My experience started by walking up to the ticket windows and the box office staff was helping many customers who were there a day early to pick up their badges, autographs, and photo ops. Next, I walked out to the convention floor and saw the many Fan Fest staff members and vendors working hard to set up what some would later describe to me as –  “The event of the year.”

Seeing the fans enthusiasm for Walker Stalker is always fun. The Fan Fest staff was equally excited to see their favorite family members from Fan Fest and The Walking Dead. I call them family members because that is exactly what James Frazier has created – a family. You recognize how close this team is by how they communicate to get their individual and group tasks completed and by how they consistently ask how each other is doing –  smiling the entire time.

I was at the event on Friday and everyone was talking about Negan and the season premier. Attendees were speaking together about their favorite characters and how excited they were to have the new season of their favorite TV show back on TV. I watched the fans racing to purchase their favorite t-shirts, hats, and posters for the show while making sure their eyes were closely watching the time – anticipating when they were needed to line up for the next panel and/or their next autograph or photo op.

If you are fan of The Walking Dead, then you should definitely make sure you attend Walker Stalker Con. It’s an event put on by dedicated fans who are focused on creating the best experience possible for all of us who cannot go more than a few days without talking about what is going to happen next on the show.

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con – Tracy Starr

The crowds of people started flooding in early at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The lines queued full of colorful costumes and eager fans ready to pick up their badges for Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. Stars like the original Batman and Cat Woman – Adam West and Julie Newmar, showed up alongside greats like Flash Gordon and of course, Stan Lee himself. Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con

I had the privilege to be part of the action by scanning print at home orders, selling badges in the box office, and helping people make the most of their Comic Con adventure. Our team went above and beyond to ensure these diehard fans had the best experience possible. Our COO, Brian Arnone joined our team to help crush the queue for badge pickup when the need arose.

While this whirlwind is thoroughly exhausting, it comes with great reward. The satisfaction of knowing the role we played in making memories that will last a lifetime.