Sell Tickets on Facebook

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Last week, we showcased our new mobile event pages and embedded checkout widget for selling tickets on your website, and now we have one more surprise: an application that allows you to sell tickets on the world’s leading social network, Facebook.

With over a billion users and Facebook users spending 1/4 of their online time on Facebook, you have a great opportunity to sell more tickets by allowing ticket buyers to conveniently buy tickets from your Facebook page!

All it takes is an official Facebook Page and a quick connection with a ShowClix account. Then you can install the app, and you’re ready to start selling tickets!

Now when your fans visit your Facebook page, they will see that they are able to purchase tickets to your event(s) right under your cover photo. (You may need to rearrange your tabs to make your ticketing app visible.)

The checkout process takes place entirely within Facebook, so the user will not have to navigate away from the site to complete the transaction.

Since promoting your event through social media is so beneficial to your ticket sales, selling directly through social media makes it as convenient as possible for your customers.

We know that keeping your brand recognizable to your customers is important, so this feature allows you to customize the ticket checkout process to match your own style. Most importantly, our Facebook app gives the entire checkout process a clean, user-friendly look, so virtually anyone can purchase tickets through Facebook!

Give creating a Facebook Page tab a try and start selling more tickets through Facebook today!