ShowClix Fan Journal: Ring of Honor Wrestling

  • By Sean Aquadro | Thursday, February 16th, 2017
ShowClix Fan Journal: Ring of Honor Wrestling

Last Saturday night, our team had a blast at Ring of Honor’s: Steel City Excellence event at Stage AE. Ring of Honor is one of the top wrestling promotions in the United States; so it wasn’t a surprise that the venue was packed with wrestling fans of all ages!

True ROH fans know that these shows are more intimate than their Rock & Roll counterparts – making the crowd only roar louder when they see their favorite wrestlers enter the ring! These are hardcore wrestling fans that  aren’t shy about cheering for the guys they like and yelling at the ones they love seeingto see get smacked down.

Read on to hear more about our team’s experience with our recaps below:

Sean Aquardo – Customer Care Representative

There were quite a few stars of the show, one of my favorite matches of the night was the Ring of Honor TV championship match between Donovan Dijak and the current championship Marty Scurll. Dijak is a 6’7 wrestler that was doing things I could never imagine a 6’7 man doing. He was doing flips out of the ring and jumping from the top rope; – it was pretty unbelievable. Marty Scurll or “The Villain” as he is referred to as, ended up winning the match and retaining the championship with his signature “Chicken Wing” submission.

As expected, the main event got the loudest reaction from the crowd. When Bullet Club members’ Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and The Young Buck entered the ring, the crowd decked out in their Club t-shirts went nuts, and began throwing streamers honoring their favorite wrestlers – one of ROH’s greatest traditions! They ended up putting on an excellent match with Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish, and The Briscoe Brothers.

At the end of the show, it was announced that Ring of Honor would be returning to Pittsburgh in October, and I can guarantee I’ll be there!

Amy Kline – Client Success Manager

I had a great time attending the Ring of Honor’s: Steel City Excellence event last weekend! I’d never been to a wrestling event so I had no idea what to expect. The wrestlers put on a great show and are amazing athletes. I had invited Sean to go and was glad I did: he filled me in on the top wrestlers and on the culture (Next time I go, I’ll know to bring paper streamers!). He even prepped me for one of my favorite moments: the wildly flamboyant entrance of Dalton Castle “the Peacock of Professional Wrestling.” Wow!

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