ShowClix House Party

  • By Ashley Ranich | Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
ShowClix House Party

We opened up our doors in July to local friends, partners, and clients for our ShowClix House Party! We wanted to share our office space, our culture, and spend some time with Pittsburgh organizations and friends. 

Food: e2 provided a selection of locally sourced charcuterie and cheese, and delicious pastas.

Drinks: We featured a selection of beers from a Pittsburgh favorite brewery, East End Brewing Company.

Tunes: DETOUR DJ’d the party. At the “intersection of house and techno,” they provided an immersive experience right in our office.

Photo Station: Guests enjoyed our RFID photo booth and posed for pictures with the choice of many fun props.

Check out what our team had to say about our party:

Matt Donnelly – Director of Client Services: As an event DJ outside ShowClix, I was very excited about our House Party and the opportunity to be involved with the planning. I really enjoyed working with Detour before and during the event; both are easy-going guys who just love playing music, which I can relate to. I also had a great chat with the folks from Tickets for Kids, an organization that distributes tickets to at-risk kids across the United States. It was awesome to learn of such an amazing organization based right here in Pittsburgh!

Tracy Starr – Senior Account Executive: I have never been brave enough to try ping-pong, but thanks to the multi-talented ShowClix team, I am now addicted! You could really feel the camaraderie among the ShowClix team and our guests at the ping-pong table.

Amy Kline – Client Success Manager: It was awesome spending time with old ticketing friends from outside of ShowClix. I hung out with colleagues from City Theatre and MCG Jazz, and had a great time showing them around our space. We took a few photos, had a few drinks, and caught up. Since I’ve only been here since December, it was like having friends over to my new “house!”

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the House Party. We loved getting to know our partners and friends from around our great city of Pittsburgh. Until next time!

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