ShowClix How-To: Grow Your Social Media Engagement During Ticket Checkout

  • By Anthony | Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
Grow Social Media Engagement During Ticket Checkout

This week, let’s learn about a few ways you can beef up your social media engagement when customers are buying tickets.

We automatically add buttons to event listings that let customers share your event on Facebook and Twitter.

But with Social Settings, you’ll be able to add your organization’s social media accounts to multiple customer-facing locations, including the event listing, the order confirmation page, and the ticket-related emails we send to your customers.

You can even add sharing prompts to encourage customers to tell their friends and RSVP to your official Facebook events. These are all great ways to gather new followers and encourage customers to join the conversation on your official social media profiles.

Estimated time: 1-2 minutes

Visit the Default Social Settings tool.

Go to the Marketing section and click Social Settings.

(Please note! All information added to this page will apply to all of your events. If you want to add or edit social info for individual events, check out the Social Settings menu on each event’s Event Overview.)

Add your social media accounts.

Add your organization’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts. We’ll automatically include the @ for you.

Do you use a hashtag to watch the buzz happening around your event(s)? Enter your hashtag in this field to add it to the social section of your event listings.

Add an RSVP and sharing prompts.

Click Yes on the radio button to add a button that will allow customers to RSVP to your official Facebook event. (Please note: If you enable the RSVP, you have to add a Facebook event in the next field before you can save your changes.)

Click the checkbox to turn on the Tell Your Friends prompt for your Order Confirmation page.

This will add a set of sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter to the page customers see after they purchase tickets.

Recommend messaging for tweets.

For tweets, you can recommend text that the entry field will show when the customer clicks to tweet about your event.

With the dynamic tags in this section, you can also automatically tag the Twitter handle for your organization or event.

Enter your custom message in the Tweet Text field.

Please note that customers will be able to edit whatever messaging you suggest, and you won’t be able to prewrite a message for Facebook posts.

To recap, these options will appear on your event listing, your order confirmation page, your order confirmation email, and your event reminder email.

Don’t forget! Editing these settings on the Default Social Settings menu will override those on your individual events. So if you have different social accounts for each of your events, you’ll probably want to manage Social Settings from the Event Overview.

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