ShowClix How-To: Send Newsletters to Your Customers

  • By Anthony | Monday, January 25th, 2016
How-to Send Newsletters Your Customers

This week, let’s dig deeper into ShowClix’s email tools.

The Email Campaigns tool taps into your customer database to give you an easy communication tool, built for newsletters, upcoming event announcements, and more.

Estimated time: ~5 minutes to set up, 15+ to customize your content

Visit Email Campaigns.

  • Sign in to the Admin and click Marketing. Then, in the Email Campaigns section, click Draft a New Email.
  • Tip: In addition to one-off emails, you can also design email templates for reuse.

Select your recipients.

  • Now it’s time to choose your audience. You have the option send emails to any customers who have purchased tickets to your ShowClix events.
  • Select Send to Event Attendees > Create a New Draft. This will limit your recipients to only those customers who have opted in to promotional emails.
  • Tip: If you need to send urgent emails regarding cancellations, you may use the Critical option, which will send an email to all customers — even those who have opted out. Please respect your customers’ email preferences!
  • Next, you’ll select which event’s customers you want to contact. Click Select Events and choose your events. You can also click Select All > Make Your Selection to reach out to your entire historical customer list.

Enter a reply address and subject line.

  • In the Reply-to field, enter your organization’s preferred email address. All replies to your sent email will be directed to this address. (This includes auto-replies, so consider using a dedicated customer service contact.)
  • Enter a compelling subject line for your email.
  • Tip: Many email marketers recommend keeping your subject lines succinct, as short as ~50 characters.

Add your content.

  • Now it’s time to design your email. ShowClix’s email tool uses a rich text editor. This approach gives you two main options for building your email: basic editing and custom HTML.
  • Similar to a word processor, the rich text editor gives you a variety of tools to style text and embed images, links, and other media.
  • As you design your email, the display within the editing field will give you an idea of how your email will look when it arrives.
  • Alternatively, you can just paste custom HTML directly into the email. Just click the Source Code button and add your content.
  • Be sure to Save regularly while you edit!

Schedule delivery or send your email.

  • Tip: Before scheduling, we highly recommend sending yourself a preview of the email. Click Email Preview and enter your email address to receive a private copy of the email.
  • Once you’re satisfied, click Send to Recipients to send your email right away!
  • Need to schedule delivery for later? Just click Schedule Delivery. Then, you can specify a delivery date/time, or you can schedule relative to the start of each event you’ve selected.

A tutorial as detailed as this one still only scratches the surface of what you can do with our email tools. You can create templates and add dynamic tags — not to mention all the creative ways you can utilize the rich text editor customize your emails.

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