ShowClix How-To: Track Promotions with Tracking Tags

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Tracking Tags

For this week’s how-to guide, we’re going to learn about a tool called Tracking Tags, and how it can help you figure out which of your promotions are most successful.

A tracking tag is a short string of characters added to the end of any ShowClix event listing’s URL. You can create unlimited tags, such as one for each place you’re promoting online.

Then, when customers complete purchases using that tagged URL, those sales are grouped together, allowing you to see how many sales came from a particular promotion!

Estimated time: 2-3 minutes

Visit the Tracking Tag setup menu.

Sign in the Admin > Marketing  > choose Tracking Tags.

Click Create a Tag.

Enter your tag.

Enter the text you want to use for your tag.

Try to pick a tag that is both succinct and descriptive. For example, if you want to monitor sales from a tweet on a particular day, consider something like twitter-9-24 for easy reference.

Keep in mind that customers will be able to see this, since it will be part of your event listing’s URL.

Enter the tag’s description.

If you want to add a note to keep track of where you’re using this tag, add a short description.

This can only be seen in your ticketing account.

Post your tagged link.

Now it’s time to add your tag to the event listing URL. At the end of your event listing URL, add /tag/ followed by your tag.

So, for example, let’s say your event listing is at and your tag for tracking sales from Facebook is facebook-RCC2015.

Then the URL you’d want to post to Facebook would be

Repeat the process for other tags.

It’s pretty likely that you’re posting links to your event listing on various social networks and websites. Why not create tags for each of them?

Don’t forget to make each tag unique, and add a short description to keep track of where each tag is being used.

Want to create tags on the fly? Just add a unique new tag to the end of your event listing URL. Share the new link, and as soon as the first sale from that tagged URL happens, the tag will be added to your Tracking Tags manager.

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