ShowClix Launches Twitter Cards for Social Event Promotion

  • By Anthony | Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

We’ve all seen those little image and video previews that appear in certain tweets — well, now those previews appear for links to ShowClix events as well!

Earlier this summer, Twitter announced they were rolling out “cards” for a limited number of clients, including the New York Times and other major publications. These cards built on the original image / video previews by adding a small thumbnail from the article, along with a brief text preview similar to Facebook’s OpenGraph previews.

Twitter Cards for New York Times

Within the past month, the 140-character social media hub unleashed Twitter Cards as an API integration. Naturally, we sprang at the opportunity to provide a better way to promote events through tweets.

Here’s how it works:

• Visit your event page. Our Twitter Card integration works for literally every event on the ShowClix website.*

• Copy the URL. You can copy the full ShowClix URL from the page, or you can click the “Tweet” button in the top left of the event page.

• Paste the URL into a new tweet. Type up some clever or totally stoked message to include with your link and send it out. When your followers click your tweet, they’ll see a preview of the event — including a thumbnail and a short preview from the event description!

Twitter Card Testing... 1, 2...

*Please note: Twitter has not enabled Twitter Card previews for all Twitter users just yet. If you’re fairly new to the site, you will soon be able to see Twitter Cards for yourself and others; however, if you post a link that activates a Twitter Card, users who can see these previews will be able to see it, even if you can’t.

Now get out there and get people talking about your event!