ShowClix Steels Ourselves For The 8th Annual Big Pour

  • By Anthony | Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Fall is just around the corner, and for Pittsburgh beer and food festival enthusiasts, that means it’s almost time for the 8th annual Steel City Big Pour.

For five years now, we here at ShowClix have partnered with this local, high-demand Pittsburgh event to help them sell out their tickets virtually within minutes of their announcement. Every year, we’ve assembled our Event Operations team to attend both sessions of the event, tackling huge lines full of excited patrons.

It may not quite be on the scale of such a massive event like New York Comic Con, but we feel strongly that every one of our events deserves our attention and should be able to welcome their customers in a quick and orderly fashion. Working closely with Mindy Schwartz and the amazing Construction Junction team, we’ve been able to help them provide a consistently improving experience for Big Pour fans each year, and we expect that this weekend’s festival will be no different.

Our solid partnership with CJ is based on three core values of our service:

High demand. When thousands of people are rushing online to grab tickets to an event like Big Pour with extremely high demand and limited capacity, it can be taxing on a ticketing company’s servers. That’s why we pride ourselves on our constant testing and optimization to maintain our ability to cleanly and securely sell thousands of tickets in minutes.

Fast admissions technology. It’s not just the virtual line to buy tickets that should be fast — people don’t want to stand in line waiting for entry to an event. When the gates open and the lines start moving, our simple, easy-to-learn interface and snappy scanning capability make sure that they keep moving. In fact, Mindy Schwartz at CJ has called our ticket scanners “fabulous and seamless,” noting that we help them “process ticket holders in record time!”

Event Operations. Years ago, the Steel City Big Pour was one of the first events where our Event Operations team made an appearance. We take a few boxes of equipment, a couple of computers and a team ready to scan and help with ticketing questions. Together with the Construction Junction team, we’ve learned so much about the admissions process, and in turn we’ve been able to help them figure out the fastest way to get the excited crowds into the event.

The Big Pour’s afternoon and evening sessions take place this weekend at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh, PA — we’d say we hope to see you there, but we sold it out already!