SongKick Lists Music Events on Spotify

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

In a major announcement today for the Stockholm-based streaming music cloud, Spotify debuted its own app market, Spotify Apps. As a response to criticisms of the platform’s previously barebones discovery system, Spotify revealed new integration with major music/social media crossover Last.FM, as well as several more traditional music cred heads like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

Additionally, the application now features a concert and ticket listing app from live music SongKick:

Similar to our iPhone application, our Spotify application will scan your Library on Spotify and figure out which bands you’re listening to and give you an calendar, right within Spotify that shows all the concerts for artists you love, and finds you the cheapest tickets to the show. [via SK Blog]

The update is big news for both music fans and concert promoters, since ticket prices will be available within the app on Spotify itself. As Spotify Apps gain ground with the subscription service’s growing community of users, this integration could prove to be an innovative avenue for connecting new fans with live music at venues around the country.

Other apps announced today for Spotify include U.S. chart-reporting chart-topper Billboard, as well as TuneWiki, a site that posts lyrics without the skeezy pop-up spam of many ad-riddled lyrics resources.