The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Holiday Events

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Holiday Events

Each year, holiday events around the world draw in huge crowds of excited families and friends ready to celebrate the season. When considering the seasonality and specific needs of these events, organizers need to make sure their ticketing platform provides the right tools to keep everything running smoothly, and to make their event an unforgettable holiday experience. Read on for our event experts’ list of four ticketing features you need to take your holiday events to the next level!

Optimization of capacity and event day experiences

As droves of excited attendees prepare to experience your holiday event first-hand, you’ll need the ability to efficiently control capacity throughout each day. Easily eliminate on-site admission wait times with our system’s timed entry functionality. Timed entry allows you to sell pre-determined quantities of tickets at individual time slots so your customers will have a smoother admissions experience, and your staff will be better equipped to manage the crowd. By capping ticket quantities in each time slot, you can encourage attendees to arrive at less popular times, simultaneously ensuring an end to overcrowding issues while enabling you to maximize ticket sales. Plus, each time slot in our system is easily customizable, allowing you to quickly make updates to available quantities, ticket sales status, and pricing. You even have the option to add messaging alerting buyers when tickets for high-demand times are running low or sold out.

Automation of event marketing tasks

With our marketing automation tool, Agent, holiday event organizers can automate many of the tasks they do manually every day, enabling them to spend more time focusing on other aspects of their events. Located right inside our system, Agent can be used to create social urgency by automatically posting to social media when you hit certain ticket levels (for example: “Only 20% of our discounted Family Passes remain! Reserve your experience before it’s too late!”). You can also implement a dynamic pricing strategy to maximize revenue by creating an Agent task to increase prices at a certain time or once a certain ticket quantity is reached.

Infinitely customizable reporting capabilities

Our experienced event professionals understand the complexity of tracking sales, revenue streams, and merchandise for seasonal events. Our powerful Report Builder tool will give you the power to generate reports tailored to your holiday event’s specific needs. Pulling live information directly from your event listings, Report Builder makes all your event data readily accessible and presents it in a way that is almost infinitely customizable, helping you save precious time and shift the focus back to planning and managing your event.

Additional merchandise sales within your ticket checkout

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line, you want a ticketing solution that provides simplified upselling of products while your customers are already engaged with your event’s online ticket checkout. Drive revenue while adding convenience for your customers by selling additional items and perks alongside your tickets, like premium parking passes, family photo packages, and apparel including branded mittens, hats, and more. With our upselling feature, your customers will be presented with a pop-up window featuring any additional items and perks you have to offer before they complete their order, encouraging them to buy now and focus on the wonderful holiday memories they’ll make at your event!

Our system powers holiday events, iconic seasonal attractions, dazzling light shows, and family-friendly experiences all over the world. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help take your holiday event to the next level, contact our team today!