The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Music Festival

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Music Festival

Music festivals have become an extremely prevalent source of live entertainment, drawing in droves of music lovers every year. To continue to be successful, festival organizers need to know they’re partnering with a ticketing provider that offers additional tools and features to help them grow their businesses.

Read on for our event experts’ list of ticketing features your music festival needs to go above and beyond!

Integrations with third-party marketing accounts

The ultimate success of your music festival relies largely on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Our system’s marketing account integrations help you track the complete ticket sales funnel right inside the third-party marketing platforms you use most. Easily link your event listings to platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and AdRoll so you can see which campaigns result in the best ROI.

Automation of marketing tasks

With our marketing automation tool, Agent, you can automate many of the tasks you do manually every day, so you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of your festival. Located right inside our system, Agent can be used to create social urgency by automatically posting to social media when you hit certain ticket levels (for example: “Only 10% of general admission tickets remain! Get your tickets now before it’s too late!”). You can also implement your dynamic pricing strategy to maximize revenue by creating an Agent task to increase prices at a certain time or once a certain ticket quantity is reached. Plus, ensure that you’re present to greet your VIPs at the gate by setting an Agent text alert when their tickets are scanned in!

Infinitely customizable reporting capabilities

Our team of experienced event professionals know first-hand the complexity of tracking sales, revenue streams, and merchandise for live music events. Our powerful Report Builder tool allows you to generate reports that are tailored to your festival’s specific needs. It makes all your data readily accessible and presents it in a way that is almost infinitely customizable, helping you save precious time and shift the focus back to planning your festival.

Simple customer segmentation

When it comes to creating meaningful connections with your customers, nothing is more important than having an intimate knowledge of your festival’s audience. With our system’s Segments tool, you can group your customers based on demographic and purchase behavior data, and learn more about their spending and event attendance habits. Then, you can use these detailed insights to create promotional email campaigns or remarketing lists for use in third-party marketing platforms like Google AdWords. For example, use Segments to locate customers who had attended last year’s festival but have yet to purchase tickets this year, then create a targeted fan loyalty promotion offering 15% off admission for a limited time.

Our team supports an impressive roster of music festivals of all sizes. Learn more about how our system and team can benefit your event, and contact us today!