The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pop-Up Museum

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, April 12th, 2022
The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pop-Up Museum

Pop-up museums and exhibits seem to be everywhere you look these days, and it makes perfect sense why these engaging installations have grown into a verifiable phenomenon. These events offer exciting, interactive experiences, unique photo opportunities, and so much more. With pop-ups having become so prevalent, organizers need to make sure they’re partnering with the right ticketing platform to make sure they stand out and attract attendees.

Read on for our event experts’ list of ticketing features your pop-up museum needs to go above and beyond!

Sell more tickets while controlling capacity

With crowds of excited attendees ready to experience your event, you’ll need to be able to control capacity throughout the day. Easily mitigate admission wait times with our timed entry functionality. Timed entry allows you to sell tickets at individual time slots, easily duplicating your event listing into a customizable “event series.” With our system, you can easily adjust each time slot to the interval (every hour, every half hour, etc.) and capacity you desire, and quickly make any needed updates, including options to alert buyers when tickets for popular times are running low or sold out. Throttling ticket sales at peak hours and spreading attendance to off-peak times means you’ll be maintaining a safe, comfortable capacity, with the ability to sell more tickets than ever before.

Manage and monitor each individual time slot

With our Series Dashboard, you’ll have access to every aspect of your entire event series at a glance. Get detailed information on ticket sales, inventory levels, and customer behavior for all dates and times in your series to better plan your on-site operations and staffing. Then use these insights to influence and optimize your marketing efforts.

Upsell merchandise with ticket sales

While your customers are already engaged with your event listing, why not capitalize on the opportunity to offer more? Increase your revenue and add convenience for your customers by selling additional items alongside your tickets like merchandise, premium parking passes, and more with our upselling feature. Before your customer completes their order, they’ll be presented with a pop-up window featuring any additional items or perks you have to offer.

Market right from your ticketing system

The ultimate success of a pop-up museum relies on your marketing strategy and public perception of the event. In order to ensure a successful run, you’ll want to spread awareness of the event as quickly and effectively as possible, and keep that buzz going from presale, to on-sale, to sold-out! Use our marketing dashboard to increase social media engagement and gather intelligence from your marketing efforts. You’ll even be able to link to your Google Analytics and other third-party marketing platforms to track, optimize, and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

Our team supports some of today’s most popular pop-up museums and exhibits. Learn more about how our system and team can benefit your event, and contact us today!