The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pride Events

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, May 16th, 2019
The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pride Events

Each year, pride events of all sizes around the world strive to provide attendees with amazing and meaningful experiences, while spreading a message of equality and acceptance. To continue to be successful, LGBTQ+ pride event organizers need to know they’re partnering with a ticketing provider that offers additional tools and features to help them grow their festivals year after year.

Read on for our event experts’ list of ticketing features your pride events need to help them go above and beyond!

Marketing From Within Your Ticketing System

The best way to ensure a well attended pride festival is to utilize highly-targeted marketing campaigns to build public awareness of your event. Use our Marketing Dashboard to increase social engagement, sell tickets directly on your Facebook page, and gather fan data from your marketing efforts. Not to mention, our system also allows you to connect your Google Analytics and other third-party marketing platforms to track, optimize, and increase the ROI of each of your online campaigns.

Upselling Capabilities

While your customers are already engaged with your event listing, why not capitalize on the opportunity to offer more? Use our upselling feature to increase your revenue and add convenience for your customers by selling additional items alongside your tickets, like official festival merchandise, premium food and beverage packages, and more. Before your customer completes their order, they’ll be presented with a pop-up window featuring any additional items or perks you have to offer!

Customizable Reporting Tools

Our team of experienced event professionals know first-hand the complexity of tracking sales, revenue streams, and merchandise for pride events of all shapes and sizes. Our powerful Report Builder tool allows you to generate reports that are tailored to your festival’s specific needs. It makes all your data readily accessible and presents it in a way that is almost infinitely customizable, helping you save precious time and shift the focus back to planning your festival.

Donations Within Checkout

Turn your ticket buyers into benefactors by giving them the option to further support your organization right inside the checkout process! With our integrated donations tool, you can enable your customers to choose the amount they’d like to donate in addition to their ticket price, and we’ll automatically add it to their total. You’ll boost the revenue brought in for your LGBTQ+ charity or non-profit organization without any added effort.

Does it sound like your pride events could benefit from the addition of these key ticketing features? Contact our team today, and find out why pride events around the world have chosen to partner with us!