Energetic Enjoyment at The City of Play Festival

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Contributed by Adam Nelson, Director of Obscure Games

On October 13th, 2012, the best new games in the world come to Pittsburgh for a day of play. The City of Play Festival turns an entire neighborhood into an urban playground, featuring game from designers from around the country that make an impact on the way we see our cities.

The festival celebrates the ability of play to transform a city, and change the way residents interact with each other and their neighborhoods. Featuring 15 new sports and street games from noon-midnight, the festival features a huge range of games, including deception, dueling, and playing cards in “Nashville,” text-message based territory capture in “Zown,” fast paced sporting using a yoga ball in “Circle Rules Football,” and a dark of night radio chase game that brings the festival to a close with “The Signal.” A complete listing of the festival games is online at www.cityofplay.org.

The festival, produced by Obscure Games and sponsored by Schell Games, is centered at the newly-constructed Buhl Park on the North Side, with field sports in the nearby McCabe field. Most games require tickets, and are open to players age 18 and older. Certain games at Buhl Park are free, run continuously, and are open to players of any age.

The City of Play Festival begin at noon on October 13th. Tickets are now on sale and a limited number of tickets are available. Players who buy five tickets or more receive a free ticket to “The Signal,” and one of four Obscure Games t-shirts. Visit www.cityofplay.org for more information or to purchase tickets, visit the events page!