The Mobile App Features Sure to Take Your Events to the Next Level

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, March 11th, 2021
The Mobile App Features Sure to Take Your 2021 Events to the Next Level

It’s time to consider a branded app for your event! An app can enhance your on-site experience, connect your virtual attendees with your on-site attendees, and provide better insights into your customers’ behavior. Check out our breakdown of some of the key mobile app features our partners at Greencopper can provide to help take your events to the next level.

Custom Schedules

With customizable schedule building features, your app can empower attendees to curate the exact experience they want from your event, be it a convention, festival, or otherwise. Attendees can “favorite” the sessions, special guests, and artists they want to see most which automatically adds them to their personal schedule. Plus, with offline functionality, you can guarantee your attendees can view their personalized schedules even if their mobile service happens to blip out, so they’ll never miss a thing! Then after your event ends, you can access in-app insights to learn what performances, panels, and speakers your attendees enjoyed most to help you better plan for future events and create targeted marketing campaigns.


Gamification can take many forms: digital scavenger hunts where fans earn badges and prizes by interacting with your event either virtually or in-person; scan-to-win activations where attendees can play games to win show merch or be entered for a grand prize; and in-booth vendor activations where they can directly interact with their favorite brands and receive special offers sent directly to their phone. Use these features to increase the value of your sponsor relationships, immerse attendees every second of your event experience, and drive event interaction both on-site and virtually!

Push Notifications

Remain in constant contact with your attendees by pushing important notifications to their smartphones. For instance, push notifications can be customized and sent when a particular user’s upcoming favorited panel is nearing capacity, when a “favorited” main stage performance is about to start, or if any last minute scheduling changes take place. Plus, you can segment app users by various demographics, interests, or even geolocation throughout your event to alert them to special deals, exclusive pop-up appearances, and more!


Harness the power of geolocation to employ proximity messaging. With geotargeting features, you can get a real-time view of which attendees are near which part of your event, so you can —for example— send a message letting them know about a flash sale a nearby vendor is offering. Then, use the geolocation data collected throughout your event to view floorplan heatmaps showing the most populated areas across your venue by time and day, helping you improve layout and scheduling practices for future events.

Interactive Maps & AR Wayfinding

Help attendees navigate your event by pairing your maps with augmented reality (AR) wayfinding, turning their phones into an AR lens that indicates the path to their next performance, the closest restroom, featured exhibitors, and more! Create a virtual replica of your venue right within your app, showing the location and descriptions of stages, performances, concessions, and phone charging stations to highlight important features of your event and get attendees where they need to be. You can even empower attendees to filter what’s shown on their map, so they can view only what they need in that moment, like food stands or restrooms.

Audio Streaming Integrations

Connect your audience to their favorite artists using in-app integrations with some of the most used music and audio streaming platforms. Populate music, comedy, or podcast playlists based on the artists and performers users have favorited within your app, and create personalized pre-show recommendations. Directly link users from your app to previews or full tracks from your featured artists on third-party streaming platforms, so they can discover new content from your event’s lineup and build excitement leading up to your event! 

Sponsorship Features

A dedicated mobile app provides sponsors with unique opportunities to connect with attendees before, during, and after your event. Consider offerings like highly visible in-app ad space, targeted push notifications, and branded on-site and virtual activations including spin-to-win games and digital scavenger hunts. Then, tap into all the attendee data your sponsors receive to understand how they’re interacting at your event and to create more effective sponsorship packages for the future. The best part is that many of these tools can work two-fold; by employing features like gamification and geotargeted in-app discounts, your attendees will love the experience, and your vendors and sponsors will gain valuable lead information, helping them connect with the attendees most interested in their offerings!

Mobile Ordering & Reservation

Capitalize on purchase intent by allowing your on-site and virtual attendees to order concessions, merchandise, meet & greet experiences, and so much more straight from your app. You’ll be able to replace physical lines with digital queues, so attendees have more time to explore your venue, interact with activations, and enjoy everything else your event has to offer. Plus, help vendors streamline in-person order completion by encouraging attendees to order through the app and enabling vendors to send them a push notification when their order is ready for pickup.

Ready to start enhancing your in-person and virtual events with these mobile app features and more? Find out how our partners at Greencopper can make it happen today.