The Ticketing Features You Need to Reopen Your Events in 2021

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, April 7th, 2021
The Ticketing Features You Need to Reopen Your Events

To successfully reopen your in-person events, your attendees will need to feel safe, your staff will need adequate training, and you’ll need the best tools at your disposal. One major piece of your reopening strategy is the ticketing technology you use. When the safety of your employees and attendees is tied to closely monitoring capacity and maintaining a high level of efficiency, it’s important that your event ticketing provider has taken the necessary steps to lead and adapt to the state of the industry.

That’s where we come in! As part of the Patron Technology family of complete event technology products, our full-service ticketing solution provides the tools and features that enable you to host a fully contactless event, control event capacity throughout the day, gain deeper insights, and so much more. 

Manage Capacity With Ease

Timed Entry

With our easily customizable timed entry features, organizers can control capacity at individual time slots and keep track of exactly who is in attendance. By managing entrance times to your event, you can stagger admissions to ensure social distancing and set dedicated cleaning and sanitizing times throughout the day. Depending on your event’s specific needs, you can set up time slots at any interval: by the day, every hour, every half hour, even every minute! Regardless of the time slot layout you choose, setting up timed entry ticketing with our solution is as simple as creating an event once and instantly duplicating it across your chosen intervals.

Reserved Seating

Our reserved seating functionality enables you to lay out an exact replica of your venue, giving customers the ability to select their seats ahead of time in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly way. Plus, we offer custom settings to further ensure proper distancing between seats. For example, you can group seats together and require customers to purchase entire seating blocks, tables, or sections to keep interaction between separate parties to a minimum.

General Admission

If the fully-reserved route doesn’t seem like the best choice for your event, general admission table reservations can be another great option to ensure adequate distancing throughout your event. Set up tables for your venue and require attendees to reserve an entire table when they purchase tickets to your event. Once they arrive, attendees can claim a table on a first-come-first-served basis, or have a specific table reserved for them.

Streamline Admissions Procedures

Registration and Waivers

Collect more data from your attendees during the checkout process and maintain an accurate record of who’s planning to attend in advance with our built-in custom questions feature. Add waivers and ask customers to agree to it right on your checkout page, and strengthen your contact tracing efforts by requesting applicable information about all attendees before they arrive at your event.

Ticketing Kiosks

Streamline the onsite ticket purchase process with self-service kiosks. Allow customers to buy tickets, complete waivers, and answer important questions all from our kiosks, without the need for additional person-to-person contact. 

Touchless Entry

Keep queuing to a minimum and get attendees into your event safely and quickly with touchless admissions technology. Our event technology empowers your staff to easily scan in QR codes from a distance, or use RFID technology to admit customers with a wave of their wristband or badge. 

Communicate Important Information

Email Reminders

Share important information with your customers with our automated email reminder feature which can alert them 24 hours before the event of your on-site rules, safety regulations, and processes. Keeping attendees informed will make event day flow more smoothly, and keep queuing and unnecessary contact to a minimum!

Post-Event Outreach

Take advantage of the attendee data collected before and during your event to send targeted communications afterwards. Whether you want to alert customers of important health information and contact tracing measures, send promotions for future events, or anything else relating to your event, you can do it all from within our system! 

Analyze Your Data 

Historical Data

Our system can help you tap into historical attendance data and give you the insights you need to plan for a return to in-person events. Take note of high-traffic days and times and know which in-event experiences are most popular so you can better allocate resources and spread out attendee arrival times as needed. 

Real-Time Insights

Ensure your event is always running smoothly with real-time data insights and customizable post-event financial reports. Get up-to-the-minute event updates sent to your phone, receive alerts when a certain number of attendees have been admitted, and view daily automated reports on your most important event data. With these tools, you’ll always be right on track in terms of capacity, admissions, and sales.

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