Timed Ticketing: Event Lines Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Tired of keeping customers waiting? We allow your customers to purchase tickets within a selected timeframe that improves the experience at the door.

Timed ticketing limits the number of tickets sold within individual time slots, so event staff can keep lines moving. Keep reading for some of the key benefits of this helpful feature:

  • Provide promotional incentives for ticket buyers to attend during off-peak times. Event planners can provide discounts and other perks for tickets sold during certain hours. Offer incentives and/or limited edition merchandise to customers who purchase special ticket packages. This approach can persuade customers to attend during historically less popular times. Inversely, attraction managers can arrange premiums for tickets sold during your high-volume hours, which creates yet another way to balance out your attendance.
  • Optimize staffing, vendors, and other resources according to expected event attendance. If you know your capacity for a certain time slot, you’ll be able to hire and assign the appropriate number of employees to cover operations during each shift. Additionally, with fast ticket scanners, you can reduce the overall number of employees needed to manage the lines. Maximize efficiency and cut excess staff expenses by determining the right number of vendors for the right time slot.
  • Boost ticket sales during times of lower average attendance. If your biggest crowds arrive during a more popular hour, one option you have is to cap ticket sales during these times to eliminate wait times at the door. When a particular time slot sells out, customers can purchase tickets for a different one, rather than waiting in line for the next seats to become available. Splitting up ticket sales across several time slots will improve your wait times and your audience’s satisfaction.

With our system, event planners can increase both attendance and profitability through balanced ticket sales, merchandise bundles, and efficient employee management. The dissolution of lengthy wait times alone will increase attendance, but providing additional incentive options can guarantee an even spread of your customer base throughout each time slot.

With an busy event season fast approaching, don’t make your ticket buyers stand in a two hour line to enjoy your event. Say goodbye to long ticket lines with timed ticketing from ShowClix!