The Tonight Show Selects ShowClix For Facebook Ticket Reservations

  • By Anthony | Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

On Monday, late night regular Jimmy Fallon sat at the desk of NBC’s third longest-running program, The Tonight Show, making history as the program’s sixth host.

After over a decade spent on two of NBC’s late night staples, Fallon is poised to bring his younger, techier millenial audience to the prime late night talk show.

Of course, we’re thrilled to announce that ShowClix is officially the primary ticketing partner for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While handling a high-demand event of this size is a cinch for our platform, it was the efforts we made beyond simple reservations that helped NBC determine that ShowClix was the essential ticketing solution for their debut and everything afterward.

“The team at The Tonight Show wanted a company that could do more than just ticketing,” ShowClix Senior Business Development Manager Melinda Colaizzi said. “They wanted a partner who could grow with them and adapt to accommodate their savvy audience’s expectations.”

“For example, our design team was able to create an experience that lived up to the high standards of such a massive brand like NBC. When you have a team that’s so obsessed with providing a great experience, an equally obsessed crew like the folks at Fallon became a natural partner to work with.”

Like Fallon’s stint on Late Night, The Tonight Show has been persistent on social media to stay engaged with the program’s younger fans. Working with ShowClix, the team was able to provide ticketing in a location where its audience spends their time: Facebook.

“Selling tickets on Facebook has been huge for clients who want to stay in front of younger customers,” Colaizzi said. “It’s just so much more convenient.”

We wish Jimmy Fallon, Questlove, The Roots and the rest of the crew the best of luck this week, and we hope you’ll be tuning in along with us!