Transform Your Online Event With Virtual Meet & Greets

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, December 9th, 2020
Transform Your Online Event With Virtual Meet & Greets

You’ve made the decision to take all or part of your event online, and now it’s time to take it a step further and ensure you’re providing the same level of connection and sense of community your attendees have come to love and expect. With the right technology toolkit, there’s nothing stopping you from creating memorable, highly engaging virtual experiences your worldwide audiences can enjoy! One key feature you need to make this possible is virtual meet & greets with your artists, celebrity guests, and other talent. 

Our parent company, Patron Technology, provides all the meet & greet tools you’ll need so you can foster greater engagement and boost your revenue with one-on-one and group video chats, recorded messages, and more. And it’s all completely integrated with our platform! Read on to learn more, and kick off your meet & greet planning today.

Why Should I Offer Virtual Meet & Greets?

From fandom conventions to music festivals, meet & greet sessions are a common VIP perk that enhances the in-person event experience by giving attendees the opportunity to meet their favorite artists and celebrities. Our virtual meet & greets solution takes this concept online, enabling event organizers to sell group or individual video chats from the same event page you sell virtual event access, merchandise, and more. Plus, virtual meet & greet opportunities give event organizers and talent a valuable additional revenue stream. Consider also offering pre-recorded messages, giving your talent the flexibility to record a brief video greeting on their own time, and giving customers anywhere in the world, in any time zone, the opportunity to receive a video message from their favorite artist or celebrity. 

For your attendees, virtual meet & greets can play a major role in turning your events into full-fledged online experiences. Rather than simply viewing a series of live streams, your attendees will actually get to have full-on conversations with their idols. Since you’ll be able send them a recording of their session, they’ll have a memorable souvenir from their experience to share with others. This level of nonstop engagement brings your online events to life for your virtual attendees, making them much more likely to become repeat customers. Plus, the potential for sharing their meet & greet recordings and in-session photo ops on social media means these newly created brand ambassadors will further your event’s brand awareness in a whole new way!

How Do Meet & Greets Fit into My Event?

Our virtual meet and greets solution is highly flexible, so it can be used to fit the needs of any event. For example, online fandom conventions can offer one-on-one meet & greet sessions so every fan can have dedicated time with their favorite celebrity to ask their burning questions or share their best fan theories. A virtual concert can provide “backstage passes” with group meet & greets so several people can meet the band before their performance. Even conferences can offer intimate question & answer sessions that can give a limited number of attendees the opportunity to connect with presenters and panelists.

How Does It All Work?

Since virtual meet & greets are integrated right within our system, they’re easy to set up and even easier for attendees to use. With virtual meet & greets, customers simply purchase a session time from your event page, then use a unique access code to enter an interactive waiting room. They’ll then perform their own tech check to ensure their audio and video is working properly. After they enter their session, they have a few minutes to talk with their favorite artists and celebrities. Throughout the entire process, you and your talent have full control. Advanced backend moderation tools allow you to monitor time remaining, crack down on inappropriate behavior and remove anyone who’s not following the guidelines, talk in a secure host chat to coordinate behind-the-scenes, and set up a pre-session question to ask attendees before they meet so talent can use that information to guide upcoming conversations. The best part? At the end of every session, attendees will receive a recording of their meet & greet that they can share on social media, getting your event in front of all their followers!

How Do I Get Started?

Our solution makes it easier than ever to incorporate virtual meet & greets into your online events so you can further monetize your virtual experiences and reach new audiences around the globe. Ready to learn more? Check out our virtually limitless event technology today!