What to Consider Before Your Nonprofit Event Sponsor Search

  • By Christina Lee | Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
How to Get Sponsors for Your Nonprofit Event

Sponsorships can be a fantastic way to add value to your nonprofit event while staying within your budget, but are you doing all you can to secure the best sponsorship agreements? Our event experts have put together a few tips to make sure you and your sponsor are getting the most out of your relationship. Read on to see what you should be taking into consideration before beginning your sponsor search!

Choose a venue with ample branding opportunity

While scouting event venues, identify all potential locations a sponsor might display their brand name or logo. Such areas can include entrances, signs, backs of seats, on-site booths, printed programs, or event merchandise. Photograph an example of each available space to provide context for your potential sponsors.

Larger venues may offer more opportunities for branding, so think creatively! Offer sponsorships of beverage stations, seating areas, lounges, or VIP boxes.

Craft a unique proposal

Put your nonprofit event in the spotlight by designing a uniquely branded sponsorship proposal. Clearly define your nonprofit’s mission, describe your event to demonstrate why you’re seeking support, and list the exposure their sponsorship will provide. Make the proposal a visual extension of your brand by including your colors, logo, and other branding.

Provide statistics such as historical attendance numbers or projections, attendee demographics, any relevant pricing information, and social media analytics to demonstrate your potential reach. Although it’s common to group benefits into different sponsorship levels or packages, it’s a good idea to be flexible with them so you can accommodate your sponsor’s specific needs. In-kind sponsorships, for example, offer potential sponsors the opportunity to provide goods or services to your event in lieu of money.

Market your event with sponsors in mind

Sponsorship offerings, like digital marketing opportunities, can go a long way in helping to land key sponsors. Be sure to block off your marketing schedule so you can plan for sponsored social media mentions. Include the value of each benefit by estimating the number of impressions they will produce. A good rule of thumb is using a figure of 1 cent per impression. For example, if you have 10,000 followers on Facebook, then a Facebook post about your sponsor will be worth $100.