What’s the Difference Between Operational and Marketing Emails?

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

Our event ticketing system makes it convenient to send messages to lists of customers from your events. When conducting mass email campaigns like this, there are typically two major categories: operational and marketing emails.

What makes these two types of emails distinct? We’ve outlined some examples, important consent considerations, and key differences below.

What’s an operational email?

Operational emails are intended for important announcements about your events. This type of email includes the automated communication your ticketing solution sends to your customers (like order confirmations and event reminders). In the ShowClix platform, for example, we also offer a Critical/Event Updates option in our email tool for your most urgent correspondences. Of course, this can be pretty subjective! In other words, an operational email is a way to communicate something that is crucial for attendees — either past or current — to know.

Another major difference for operational emails is that these messages can be delivered to customers who have opted out of marketing communications from you (as well as the rest of your customers, of course). The privilege to send to people who have requested to opt out should be carefully considered! Above all, operational emails should focus on helping your customers.

What are some examples of operational emails?

Even though operational emails may sound intimidating because of their restrictions, there are still many situations where they’re applicable, and even necessary.

  • Event is cancelled/postponed. This is the big one! You don’t want customers spending their time traveling to an empty venue. Even opted-out customers will deeply appreciate a notification long in advance.
  • Parking, admissions, etc. Should your customers know something before they arrive? Want to help them get into the venue as swiftly as possible? An operational email might just be the solution.
  • Customer service updates. If you have urgent changes to a particular price level, an operational email might be the best way to communicate them to your ticket holders.

What’s a marketing email?

A marketing email is a message used primarily to promote something. In the ShowClix platform, for example, you can send marketing emails by heading to the Marketing tab in our Admin and then choosing Email Campaigns. Marketing emails are a great way to get the word out to past customers about your upcoming events, promote your business partners’ services, or even just get people amped for the event they’ll soon be attending.

Unlike operational emails, marketing emails are only sent to customers who have chosen to receive them. While you won’t be reaching every single one of your ticket buyers with your email, you’ll also only be reaching out to the people who are most excited about you!

What is an example of a marketing email?

If you’re promoting anything that a customer has not already purchased, consider it a marketing email! Some examples include:

  • Announce an upcoming event to past customers. You already have all that contact information — put it to good use and let old customers know about your next exciting event.
  • Promote your affiliates and vendors. Partnering with other businesses at your event? Start introducing customers to them early with a quick email.
  • Make your big announcements about speakers, bands, and other talent. While social media is the prevailing choice for making a huge splash with a major announcement, you won’t want to neglect a tried-and-true marketing email.