Why Online Ticketing for Nonprofit Fundraising Events?

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Contributed by Katie Vojtko, Marketing Specialist at TowerCare Technologies

If you’re like most nonprofits, regular fundraising events are essential for your organization’s outreach, fundraising, awareness and constituent engagement; however, they aren’t always the easiest to plan and track. There are a lot of pieces that must come together to make it a success: communication to guests, volunteers, and staff; coordination with vendors; marketing, outreach, and promotions; and getting press coverage to your event. With everything on your to-do list, we don’t think your ticketing and reporting should cause you any more stress.

At DonorPro, we work with hundreds of nonprofits from around the world who come to us with questions about managing nonprofit events more efficiently. We understand that event headaches can dominate your staff’s time—that’s exactly why we’ve created a strong partnership with ShowClix for integrated online ticketing.

Below are the top 5 reasons why your nonprofit should utilize online ticketing for your next fundraising event:

1. Social Sharing: Wanting your constituents to share your nonprofit’s events? With ShowClix’s Incentix, you can reward your registrants for tweeting and sharing your event information.

2. Easy Registration Pages: How are your technical skills? You won’t need them when setting up your event registration pages with ShowClix. Even better, they have a stellar customer service team so you’re not left alone if you’re in a pinch!

3. Real Time Access to Reports: You’re two weeks out from the big event and are wondering what kind of response rate you’re getting on your ticketing page. With ShowClix, quick checks and progress reports are simple.

4. Easy Admissions with Ticket Scanning: Does your team have an available iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If so, admissions to your event is simple with ShowClix’s free ticket scanning app. Verify your customers’ tickets and handle check-ins, all from your mobile device. Even better, the scanned data is integrated with your account for real time reporting.

5. Clear, Detailed Reports: Looking for simple, useful reporting for your events? ShowClix will match (and surpass) your expectations! Even better, if you’re a DonorPro user, the data collected from your ShowClix events can be mapped and integrated within your nonprofit donor management software.

Ready to learn more? Take a few minutes to learn more about online ticketing for nonprofits by ShowClix.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post made reference to Incentix’s connectivity with Facebook, which is no longer available because of changes to Facebook’s API.