Why Sell Tickets on Facebook?

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

We’re always creating tools for event organizers to reach their audience and sell the most tickets possible. Since we started offering the ability to sell tickets on directly on Facebook, we surveyed those who have installed our Facebook app for their brand’s official Page.

The app allows you to sell tickets on the world’s leading social media site, and it’s an easy process for both the event organizer and the customer.

See what event organizers and venues who work with us have to say about this feature.

“Much of my site traffic comes from Facebook, and it makes sense to get the tickets closer to the user.” ShowClix connects with Google Analytics to monitor your customers’ engagement with your website, so this event organizer was able to see an opportunity to sell more tickets with Facebook.

“To make it easier for customers.” 80% of social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook (via), so give the fans what they want! Engage your customers on a medium they use every day, and let them purchase tickets to upcoming events directly on Facebook.

“Because I advertise my event mostly on Facebook.” Facebook’s Event feature can be a great way to advertise your event, and now customers can purchase tickets without leaving your Page. Our social sharing tools also encourage ticket buyers to spread the news of their ticket purchases, which expands your reach and your audience.

“It’s a clean look and works well.” ShowClix event pages fit seamlessly on all Facebook Pages. Your customers will be able to add the event to their personal calendars or set a reminder via email. As always, the checkout process is just as safe and secure as all of our event pages.

“It was easy to install.” By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to sell your tickets directly on Facebook in a matter of minutes. With custom options, your brand and event will stay prominent throughout the entire process.

Get started today with ShowClix and reap the rewards that our clients are utilizing to sell more tickets!