Why Should I Start Selling Tickets Online?

  • By Sarah O'Rourke | Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
Sell tickets online

So you’ve never sold tickets online. Maybe you’ve sold online before, but you worked with an vendor who doesn’t specialize in ticketing.

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. It can also be convoluted for your accountant and messy for your staff when they admit attendees on the day of the event.

Selling tickets online isn’t nearly as difficult, expensive or daunting as it may seem — and that goes for you and your customers. With the right company providing a high level of support to both event organizers and their ticket buyers, online ticket sales can make the experience more affordable, more pleasant and more convenient for everyone.

Why should you consider switching to online ticketing?

Save money. Apprehensive about the cost of an online ticketing system? Don’t worry. Our pricing method aims to keep costs as low as possible for you and your ticket buyers. In fact, many of our clients pay nothing to use our system.

Get more from your data in less time. If you’re selling tickets with PayPal or some other manual process, what do you have to show for all the time and energy you spend crunching numbers and entering customer data into spreadsheets?

When you use an online ticketing system, you can consolidate both online and walk-up ticket sales into one convenient system. You’ll also have access to useful marketing and reporting tools that can help you study your data and improve ticket sales every year.

Build your event page in 3 simple steps. In less than five minutes, you can create your event and have tickets on sale! Our quick event setup helps you quickly and securely organize all the necessary details for your event, so your ticket buyers can be well-informed. It’s as easy as this:

Details: Add the major details for your event including date, time, venue, event name, etc., as well as a description of the event.

ShowClix Admin

Pricing: Enter your ticket inventory and price level information here.

Options: Finally, fine-tune event details such as delivery methods and donation options.

Track the progress of your event in real time. Stop manually collecting your event data. Our Admin Dashboard digests all of your ticket sales information into an up-to-the-minute overview of your ticket sales, inventory and revenue. You can even download our real-time analytics app, Live, which lets you watch ticket sales as they happen.

Promote your event without spending another dime on marketing. Want to grow your event audience and boost ticket sales? Try our social media connections, which let you post your event page on Facebook and Twitter, or offer incentives to customers who share your event on social media.

Keep your customer service personal with our in-house call center. Customers like to know they have someone to call when there’s an issue making a purchase online. Our call center’s reliable customer service reps are an extended branch of support for all of your ticket buyer’s needs.