5 Tools to Automate Your Social Media Strategy

  • By Christie Stapf | Monday, August 28th, 2017
5 Tools to Automate Your Social Media Strategy

As any event organizer knows, a well-planned social media strategy is critical to the success and growth of your event. Every day, new and more complex tools are entering the social market promising to make your workload easier by automating your social media tasks. But which tools are right for your event?

To help put your social strategy on autopilot, our social media experts came up with a list of their favorite automation tools.


One way to build a strong Instagram following is regularly posting eye-catching content. Let Schedugram take care of your day-to-day Instagram posts for you by simply uploading your content and choosing when you want to post. As an added bonus, use the in-browser editor to crop, filter, and add stickers to your photos before scheduling them.


Hootsuite is your one-stop-shop for all your social media management needs. Its posting automation feature is great for event organizers who want to keep an active social presence on all platforms. Use Hootsuite to schedule out your social posts so you can get back to planning your event.

Google Alerts

When we need a new post idea, most of us head to the information powerhouse that is Google, but what if Google came to you? Google Alerts is a great feature to gather new social content on the fly while staying on top of pop culture trends. Get alerted via email by saving keywords related to your event, your industry, and anything else you want to keep track of.


Tweetdeck is your go-to social media engagement tool for staying in touch with your followers. It will automatically populate with what your fans are saying about your event on Twitter. Set up your dashboard once with columns that filter for hashtags and keywords surrounding your event and geolocation. Check in to see how fans are reacting to your flash sale, if you’re being @mentioned, or to answer your fans’ need-to-know questions.


We saved the best for last! Kickstart the conversation around your event with Agent, our automated marketing tool found right inside our system. Agent helps you manage your everyday marketing tasks, such as tweeting when you hit certain ticket quantity levels to create social urgency, implementing your dynamic pricing strategy to maximize revenue, and greeting your VIPs at the gate by receiving a text when their ticket is scanned in.