Road Journal: TRISTAR Houston Collectors Show 2018

Earlier this month, our Director of Client Services, Matt Donnelly, and I headed down to Houston, TX for the 32nd Annual TRISTAR Collectors Show. This three day event was a sports lover’s dream! There were multiple opportunities to get both photo ops and autographs from famous athletes across a multitude of sports, and I could tell the fans were really loving it. (more…)

Road Journal: Magical Winter Lights

This month, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks with the Magical Winter Lights (MWL) team at both their Houston (La Marque) and Dallas (Grand Prairie) locations. On top of a magical light show, the events include added features like an interactive dinosaur exhibit, live acrobatic performances, games, carnival rides, and other live entertainment. The awe-inspiring light displays were broken into themes across the event, which varied by location.