Influencer Marketing for Event Organizers Part 3: Promoting Your Influencers

  • By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
Influencer Marketing for Event Organizers Part 3: Promoting Your Influencers

Many of today’s hottest brand influencers are self made. They are the people who have built a strong relationship with their followers and proved they genuinely care about their interests. Even though influencer marketing has been around for awhile, the potential of social influencer marketing is only just coming into focus.

Choosing the right influencer is only half the battle, the other half is knowing the best ways to promote them. But don’t stress, we’ve highlighted the top four promotional tactics in the business!

Event Reviews

Offer fans an honest review of your event by letting your influencer take the reins. Watch as they recap some of your event’s attractions like sitting through live panels, chatting with cosplayers, and mentioning some of your unique vendor merchandise. Remember fans want organic content, and they know there are influencers out there that will say anything for the right amount of compensation. So keep things simple and stay true to your fans by only offering free admission to your chosen influencer.

Sponsored Posts

Go beyond the average social media post by sponsoring a shout out from your favorite event influencer. Fans are more likely to interact with someone they are familiar with rather than a brand. We suggest checking out which platform your influencer receives the highest amount of engagement to reach as many fans as you can. You can sell more tickets by sponsoring a post that includes a link to your ShowClix event page.

Instagram Takeover

Electrify your fans enthusiasm by giving your influencer full access to your Instagram account. Let your fans know prior to the event to be on the lookout for the takeover by getting your influencer to post about it on their accounts during the weeks leading up. Not only will this give you more time to focus on other things, but it also gives fans something to anticipate for next time! Just make sure to approve what kind of content is being posted beforehand.


Give your event an extra push on social by creating a contest that boosts your event day’s engagement. Work with your influencer to promote the giveaway by letting them choose the winner, or by offering the next clue in your event’s scavenger hunt! Go the extra mile for your fans by offering a prize you know they’ll love like an autographed t-shirt, access to your VIP room, or a chance to hang out with their favorite influencer. The possibilities are endless!

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