Snapchat Geofilter Best Practices For Event Organizers

  • By Ashley Ranich | Monday, February 13th, 2017
Snapchat Geofilter Best Practices

Every so often, a social media giant adds an update that is a match made in heaven for event marketing. Last year, Snapchat extended its Geofilters to businesses and savvy event marketers became early adopters.

We’ve highlighted why Snapchat is a must-have component of any event marketers toolbox, but for Geofilters specifically, event marketers can achieve high millennial engagement and heightened event awareness and recognition from its usage.

Whether you’ve never dabbled in the Geofilter game or have been riding the curve since its release, we’ve compiled best practices so you can best utilize this unique feature of Snapchat.

Empty space is a good thing

Usability is key in designing Geofilters. Keep in mind the reason people use the app to begin with: to show their friends what they’re doing. That being said, it’s important to maintain a good amount of empty space in the filter. Geofilters that take up the entire frame, or take up too much space in the four corners of the frame, will be rejected by Snapchat. Utilize the top and bottom buffers of the screen, gradient overlays, and modest corner space for simple illustrations or logos. Regardless of the design of the Geofilter, be sure that the end user’s photo is enhanced by the filter, not overpowered by it.

Design with engagement in mind

Thoughtful creation of Geofilters will encourage users to add the filter to their Snaps. Cash in on the fear of missing out, FOMO, phenomenon by using prompts in your Geofilters that will entice users to add the filters to pictures they send to their friends or post to their story. For example, phrases like, “Wish You Were Here,” are signals for users to send these off to their friends.

Alternatively, create a Geofilter that highlights the most popular aspect or guest of your event. Attendees will appreciate the opportunity to show off their attendance to their friends!

Use your event logo

An important objective of a Snapchat Geofilter is to increase your event recognition, this is especially true for repeat events. Skillfully include your logo or watermark in your Geofilter to solidify your event in the minds of your attendees and their own network. Word of caution: your logo’s inclusion should be secondary to good design. A well-designed filter that attracts an audience is what will spread your event logo around. Keep your usage of it minimalist.

Give your attendees options

Event goers like to have options; increase adoption of your Geofilter by giving people what they want. Geofilters can be on the inexpensive side of digital advertising, depending on location, so it is worth spending the extra money to invest in a few different filters for your event. Create Geofilters that differ thematically or highlight parts of your event that occur at different times or include one that has strong typography and one that includes a fun illustration. Attendees are more likely to use two different filters than the same filter over and over again. As an added plus, if you run multiple filters at the same time, you’ll be able to create a mock “A/B test” to see what best appeals to your market.