3 Ways Event Organizers Can Invigorate Marketing Activities with Google Analytics’ Real-Time

Experienced event marketers know that many marketing and analytics platforms experience a lag between when an action takes place on your site and when it appears in the platform’s reporting. What, then, can you do if the success of your marketing strategy relies on live updates regarding traffic, goal completions, and other site activity to better understand the impact your marketing campaigns are making? Luckily, Google Analytics has a report for that: Real-Time! (more…)

Why Event Organizers Need to Use Google’s UTM Parameters to Track Campaigns

Attribution is important to every event marketer, but what’s the best way to go about quantifying the value of your online marketing efforts? Our marketing experts highly suggest using Google Analytics’ robust UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters for all your online marketing campaigns! They’re simple yet highly effective, and it’s free to append the tracking parameters to any URL you share via your email blasts, Facebook Ads, Twitter posts, and more. Read on to learn how and why UTM parameters are a pertinent part of any modern event marketing strategy. (more…)

Google Analytics Metrics Every Event Organizer Should Care About

Interested in determining which event marketing channel yields the highest return? Curious about the average age group your ticket buyers fall into? Or maybe you’re considering creating an app for your event and want to see the split of Android versus Apple mobile usage. Google Analytics is an impressive (and free!) tool for the modern event organizer, capable of addressing all these needs and more. (more…)

3 Ways Our Third-Party Account Integrations Make Marketing Easier

As an event marketer, you’re likely spending a large portion of your time promoting and analyzing your event across multiple platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and AdRoll, and that added effort can really add up. Luckily, our marketing account integrations feature was designed to optimize your campaigns and save you time. Housed within our system’s Marketing Dashboard, this feature allows you to connect your event listings to the third-party marketing accounts you use most.


3 Facebook Event Remarketing Campaigns to Drive Sales

Facebook ads are a powerful way to target potential ticket buyers where they already spend a large portion of their time online. Facebook remarketing ads take it a step further by targeting those who have already shown an interest in your event. 


Which Facebook Ad Types Help Sell More Tickets to Your Event

By now, you’re probably investing some of your event marketing spend in Facebook Ads. Boosting posts can be a great vehicle to increase engagement, but when your top priority is increasing ticket sales, it’s best to dive into Facebook Ads Manager head first. (more…)

How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Improve Your Event Marketing

Before we can optimize our event marketing efforts, we have to analyze the data we have available to us. Since there are hundreds of platforms and systems available, some free, some not, do you find yourself asking “Where do I start?” Facebook Audience Insights is a free and powerful analytics tool housed in the Facebook Ads Manager that cuts through the mass of information and returns important insights about your Facebook page’s followers that are easy to understand and utilize. (more…)

Winter 2017-2018 Fandom Preview

Around our office, one of the greatest holiday gifts of all is kicking off winter comic con season! Get ready to assemble your best cosplay outfits and rejoice in the wealth of celebrity panels, comic book trading, and gaming competitions in 2018! Here’s a roundup of some of the fandom events we’ll be attending this winter: (more…)

Why Tracking Pixels are Critical To Your Event Marketing Success

A digital marketing strategy’s success lies in your ability to measure how much bang you get for your buck. That’s where tracking pixels come in. Tracking pixels record events, such as a ticket purchase, and collect user profiles from an HTML code snippet placed on any website page. By integrating this code with your event ticketing partner’s system, you can place pixels on your event listings and final receipt pages to measure the health of all of your online advertising campaigns! (more…)

3 Important Data Trends Timelines Can Identify

As an event organizer, we know you value data that detects trends in ticketing, sales, and consumer behavior. It’s why our engineers built Timelines as one of our system’s powerful analytics tools. Timelines gives you the power to compare and contrast patterns in your ticketing data so you can sell more tickets to future events.