Meet the Team: Taylor Gustafson, Client Success Manager

Our Client Success team manages our partner relationships from sign up to event production and beyond. Meet one of the newest faces in our Denver office, Taylor Gustafson, who comes to us with a unique background working with music festivals in the Midwest!

Meet the Team: Andrew Toilolo, Client Success Manager

Our Client Success team is made up of event professionals with years of hands-on experience managing and working at events. They take the time to learn everything about our partners and become their personal consultants for best practices and future event planning. Today, we are excited to introduce our Client Success Manager-West Coast, Andrew Toilolo, who comes with over 10+ years of experience in the event industry.


Meet the Team: Kyle Wetherald, Production Support Software Engineer

The Production Support team at ShowClix is a critical part of our continued success. They are responsible for handling custom development projects for our partners, building quality internal tools, and helping with the day-to-day maintenance of our platform. This month, we are excited to feature Kyle Wetherald, one of our Production Support Engineers. (more…)

Meet the Team: Jim Barczak, Director of Sales and Client Relations

In every organization, the sales team plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. At ShowClix, our sales team bridges the gap between a potential partner’s needs and the products and services we offer to fulfill those needs. Today we are excited to introduce Jim Barczak, our Director of Sales and Client Relations, who brings over 20 years of ticketing industry experience in Sales and Marketing. If there’s a ticketing company you know of, there’s a good chance Jim has worked with them. (more…)

Meet the Team: Marissa Morgan, Quality Assurance Engineer

As the complexity of software grows, so does the need for more Quality Assurance (QA) methods. While QA at ShowClix focuses widely around testing our products thoroughly before they are released, we are also focused on a higher goal: ensuring that every product that we deliver is of its finest quality possible. Today we are excited to chat with our Quality Assurance Engineer, Marissa Morgan. (more…)

Meet the Team: Joe Marshall, Risk Manager

Risk management is a series of processes whose objectives are to identify, address, and eliminate software risk items to an operation. Today, we are happy to highlight Joe Marshall, our Risk Manager, whose goal is to add value to our service by mitigating fraudulent activity, reducing the number of chargebacks, and developing other safeguard policies for ShowClix and our partners. (more…)

Meet the Team: Cara Hoover, Human Resources Coordinator

With a passion for people, culture, and learning, Cara Hoover partners with company leadership, personnel, and the community to ensure that ShowClix is attracting the best candidates and helping them realize their potential to drive business performance. Today, we are excited to introduce Cara Hoover, our Human Resources (HR) Coordinator.


Meet the Team: Matt Donnelly, Director of Client Services

As an enthusiastic people person, who genuinely cares about the needs of partners, Matt Donnelly embodies and drives the company’s attentive and hardworking attitude. Matt leads the team of specialists that train and support our partners all over the world.


Meet the Team: Amy Kline, Client Success Manager

Committed to promoting our products’ advanced uses and powerful features, the Client Success team dedicates itself to encouraging a successful adoption of our platform and its various features. Pairing our years of experience with valuable insight provided by our partners, our team has successfully created and continues to optimize our partner’s user experience. (more…)

Meet the Team: Nathaniel Minto, VP of Product Management

Product Management is knowing your users, identifying their needs, and developing a solution that satisfies those needs. Our Product Management team helps guide and shape our development roadmap using principles of product development, segment knowledge, and in-depth understanding of our client’s and teams’ needs.